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6 november 2023

I have been in business more than 30 years and by far the worst money I ever spent was changing to HubSpot.

#1 rev partners was a huge fail with the integration. the stories my marketing director was telling me were so far fetched I had to schedule a call with Rev & Hub. Within 2 mins on the call, I knew neither Rev or Hub understood our business model , and probably anyone's business model, of using a CRM for email, text, and cold-warm-hot calling.

#2 Everything is an upcharge. phone lines, texting, I have too many leads, I have too many sales funnels. and to top it off there is no way to show how many calls, texts or emails each sales rep is doing. It would have to be CUSTOM BULT and over and above the $10k a month we are already paying.

#3 After 6 months of trying my hardest and putting my best members of my team, we had to go back to our previous CRM.

#4 With a loss of sales, time, reputation and pipelines, we lost more than $100k in the 6 months. This company will probably go belly up very soon.

The Exam Pros
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13 september 2023

Awful app and they make it impossible to figure out how to uninstall. Without question one of the most useless Shopify Apps and customer support is unreachable.

NuKine Wellness
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6 april 2023

Väldigt bra om man kör Hubspot som CRM. Den fångar bland annat upp ej genomförda köp. Dvs lämnad kassa. Rekommenderas varmt om du kör Hubspot! Gör livet så mycket enklare.

Halvmånen Sadelmakeri AB
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5 augustus 2021

Hubspot locked us into a contract costing thousands a month promising an awesome setup by one of their preferred partners. The hubspot partner signed us for all the hubspot bells and whistles, took more than $20,000 in fees and delivered nothing. Then Hubspot refused to discontinue our contract, after their preferred partner failed to install the product. Be very careful of any large contract with Hubspot, we were not informed of their policy to charge you regardless of the failure of their providers or partners. We were fooled into signing a contract for things we cant use for an extended period of time and hubspot has zero compassion for us or any other customer it appears.

Marie Sharp's Company Store
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Bewerkt 21 juni 2018

We are using this application and it actually has very good integration with Shopify and Outlook. As far as the price, it depends on which service you sign up for. You can use it for free and get a lot from it. Also, there are Sales and Marketing Starter packages for $50/mo. each. The thing we like about it is it helps us keep our customers organized. We can track email and phone calls through it. Also, it is GDPR compliant for those of you who market to EU customers.

There are a few things we are still getting used to, but it seems to be well built. Are there some things we would change? Yes, but that is true with almost every app we use. The Sales Starter we are using (we haven't tried the Marketing Starter yet) has chat functionality and acitivity tracking. So, if a customer opens an email you sent them, you know right away in case you want to follow up. It also has trackable forms you can embed in your website.

My recommendation (and no, I did not receive any discounts or free stuff) is to give it a try.

David Stokes, Owner
Pacific Northwest Gifts

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10 januari 2022

This integration helped us to have all the sales of our sales rep. more organized and transparent. Now we can get better and more effective reports. Only one thing would I add; if it can synchronize the company information on the deal in Hubspot. Right now, it only brings back the contact information. Thanks!!

Wholesale One.Pet
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28 april 2020

Best software you can have for customer management. I work for a fortune 500 company and we use a very similar program if not the same. Impressive.

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5 december 2022

Extremely shady business practices. The salesman oversold us on the capabilities. Made us pay for "onboarding" only to find out onboarding is only to stay on top of your work and not any help. At every interaction, they tried to upsell more stuff, technical blocks etc. The software is extremely complicated and not for small to medium size businesses. To get any use out of it, you have to upgrade to enterprise level which is $$$$ and then you are left on your own. Still, there are features that require more upgrades. Make note that there is no trial period and you are on the hook for 12 months even if you realize a day later it was a mistake. We realized it in 2 weeks and they made us pay for 12 months. This is the most horrible experience i had in my 7 yrs selling on shopify. Make sure you research fully what you are getting into.

Trupply LLC
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7 januari 2022

Hubspot has been a lifesaver for me. I was dealing with customer support via email/chatbot communication, and after some time, I lost track of who was taken care of and what customers were still waiting on answers. I chose Hubspot for their free plan to create customer support tickets linked to my Shopify orders and customers. This allowed me to better see the big picture on who still needed help and provided me with the ability to receive notifications on my iPhone, Apple Watch, and other devices when someone opened my support email response or if someone clicked on a link I provided them within the email sent. I can't believe that this is all part of the free plan, and on top of it, they integrate into my Outlook as well! I can receive an email then pass it on to Hubspot for further follow-up. I am currently not in the position for Hubspot's paid plans, but the free plan is more than I can ask for. And their service reps are always there to help in their chat. Thanks, Hubspot!

The Glen Loates Store
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27 maart 2019

Needed more support right from on-boarding. Support at the "Starter" level did not keep pace with the speed at which we were moving so we were unable to set up correctly before the busy season started. Am now locked into a contract for a year and Hubspot made it clear that even if it's not gonna work for me then I'm locked in and stuck with them. I got a sales call right before my expiry of one year and they put a deal together for me that would cost me even more, then messed up the terms and tried to charge me more. Hubspot is probably better suited for larger companies, as clearly they are too expensive for the little guy who wants to grow. Can do with Hubspot but it will run you over $1000/m. There are better CRMs out there with a better price take that offer more value. Just to the research.

Balloon Express
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