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Bewerkt 21 juni 2018

We are using this application and it actually has very good integration with Shopify and Outlook. As far as the price, it depends on which service you sign up for. You can use it for free and get a lot from it. Also, there are Sales and Marketing Starter packages for $50/mo. each. The thing we like about it is it helps us keep our customers organized. We can track email and phone calls through it. Also, it is GDPR compliant for those of you who market to EU customers.

There are a few things we are still getting used to, but it seems to be well built. Are there some things we would change? Yes, but that is true with almost every app we use. The Sales Starter we are using (we haven't tried the Marketing Starter yet) has chat functionality and acitivity tracking. So, if a customer opens an email you sent them, you know right away in case you want to follow up. It also has trackable forms you can embed in your website.

My recommendation (and no, I did not receive any discounts or free stuff) is to give it a try.

David Stokes, Owner
Pacific Northwest Gifts

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10 januari 2022

This integration helped us to have all the sales of our sales rep. more organized and transparent. Now we can get better and more effective reports. Only one thing would I add; if it can synchronize the company information on the deal in Hubspot. Right now, it only brings back the contact information. Thanks!!

Wholesale One.Pet
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28 april 2020

Best software you can have for customer management. I work for a fortune 500 company and we use a very similar program if not the same. Impressive.

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Ongeveer 2 jaar gebruiken de app
7 januari 2022

Hubspot has been a lifesaver for me. I was dealing with customer support via email/chatbot communication, and after some time, I lost track of who was taken care of and what customers were still waiting on answers. I chose Hubspot for their free plan to create customer support tickets linked to my Shopify orders and customers. This allowed me to better see the big picture on who still needed help and provided me with the ability to receive notifications on my iPhone, Apple Watch, and other devices when someone opened my support email response or if someone clicked on a link I provided them within the email sent. I can't believe that this is all part of the free plan, and on top of it, they integrate into my Outlook as well! I can receive an email then pass it on to Hubspot for further follow-up. I am currently not in the position for Hubspot's paid plans, but the free plan is more than I can ask for. And their service reps are always there to help in their chat. Thanks, Hubspot!

The Glen Loates Store
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6 november 2018

I've been using HubSpot for two years now and love it! Very robust platform that offers a lot of amazing features. We use it mainly for our influencer outreach and it works amazingly to keep track of our influencers.

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Bewerkt 3 december 2021

I've had really good experience with the Shopify<>HubSpot integration. We use it to pull in customer and purchase data to leverage in our marketing efforts. For instance, we can pull a report of everyone who has purchased a particular line item in the last year and then use that to send targeted marketing emails and ads. Setup was easy and straightforward. I do wish that there were a few more options for configuration, but there are no deal breakers. Everything worked out of the box as expected without any issues and having the data in HubSpot is very powerful!

Classical Academic Press
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1 december 2021

We chose HubSpot for our new CRM after an extraneous discovery process to make sure it fit our needs for reporting, list building, and automation. However, after syncing our Shopify channel with HubSpot, we were blown away by how easy it was to automatically get the information we needed from Shopify into Hubspot with minimum need for any customizations. With simple automation, we were able to segment all contacts from Shopify into lists based on what types of products they buy and set up upselling and cross-selling campaigns based on those lists. We are also now able to start calculating customer LTV for all of our contacts that have come through our Shopify channel based on recurring sales. We're thrilled with how easy and powerful this integration is. 5/5.

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4 november 2020

Used it for several days, and everything is great, recommend. Used it for several days, and everything is great, recommend.

TopTier Shop season
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22 december 2019

I'm at

I installed this to help keep on top of custom jewellery orders, but, IT IS SO MUCH MORE!!!

I have known that I have had hundred dollar bills falling out of my pocket for a while now, Hubspot helps me pick them up.

The CRM & Deal software are exactly what I needed. I will probably change out my old chat bot (tidio) for the hubspot one.

Lots of work to get it going, lots of work to enter a lot of my older client info from gmail/google without just importing a ton of useless contacts.... BUT, it's amazing software.

Once I finish all the setup, I will likely buy into the marketing side of things, but, that's still a couple of months away! :)

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