Print on Demand & Dropshipping

Print on Demand & Dropshipping


POD, All Over Print, Apparel,Hoodie,Tshirt, Clothing,Wholesale

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Cost Less & Earn Huge

Sourcing from 50% market price with premium quality products of HugePOD factory direct production line. The profit in between, all yours.

Easy & Free Design Tool

Simple drag and drop design tool with both target & all-over print options. Upload, Design, and Synchronize with your site for free.

Fast Production & Fulfillment

HugePOD owns the entire production process (cut, trim, print, test) with 48 production workshops & 4 in-house fulfillment centers worldwide.

Print on Demand & Dropshipping 정보

About HugePOD: Print on Demand & Dropshipping

HugePOD will take care of every step, including print, pack, and shipping the products to your customers under your brand. You will be freed from the production, storage, or upfront costs. With HugePOD, you can focus on your business development, create attractive products in just a few clicks and sell them on your Shopify store. What's more, you can start your dropshipping business with zero risk—you only pay HugePOD when a customer places an order from you!

Cost Less, Earn Huge

Join HugePOD, enjoy a more competitive price than other platforms! You don't need to commit hundreds of dollars for your first round of investment. Our disruptive innovation significantly lowers the cost, especially for sophisticated all-over printing, by 40% to 50%. HugePOD has constructed a complete network of IM, covering automatic sublimation printing, edge-finding cutting, pieces sorting and process operating, based on image recognition and AI. We hold blank inventory, so you don't need to have a single piece of inventory upfront. All you need to do is selecting items from our library, creating your designs with our design tool, and publishing them to your Shopify shop. In this way, you get customers in the door. Our goal is to help your business grow with least risk and make sure you can enjoy higher profit margins. We'd love to see your business thrive!

Agile supply chain, fast turnaround

  • Once your customer places an order on your Shopify shop, messages will be automatically sent to our factories.
  • We produce, pack, and ship them directly to your customers.
  • With a quick response and reduced lead time, our supply chain enables you to have the ability to scale up and have the confidence to incorporate consumer preferences into the design process.

Experienced apparel manufacturer

  • We have state-of-the-art printers that produce high-quality prints right after receiving your order.
  • We offer different printing options, from regular DTG (Direct-to-garment) printings to all-over printing.
  • We prepare a library of items for you to further design. They are the evergreen picks favored by our long-term customers. #How the APP works# Create your design on HugePOD
  • Pick basic clothes items from our library to design your unique pieces.
  • Use our easy drag-and-drop tool that requires zero design experience.
  • Save your labor with bulk edit operation. Grow your business with dropshipping
  • Integrate your Shopify shop with HugePOD.
  • Once someone places a new order in your shop, HugePOD service center will immediately get the information.
  • We produce, pack, fulfill and ship the items to your customer under your name or brand. The whole process is traceable.

Let HugePOD take your business up to another level!


  • Etsy,
  • Wix,
  • Amazon,
  • Ebay,
  • Shoplazza,
  • Wish

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my partners and i have cooperate with Hugepod for about 1 years nowwhen the company do not launch the app.As a company they strive for good policy and perfect price,it is the most thing to partners and cooperators.

Luv Urself From Within Skin Care

Good product with good quality, fast turnaround time for canvas , good communication and best support out of all the platform that i have used. Recommended.


This app is really helpful to build up your e-commerce shop and is easy to understand. Very user-friendly, easy to navigate, cost-effective, and has a huge range/variety of products with good quality to choose from. Thanks for the support.