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Hull Social Login

Hull Social Login

Developed by Hull

44 reviews
Price: From $450.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Make Login faster and easier with Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Collect more emails, increase conversion, reduce cart abandonment.
  • The highest quality Social Login app, no fake accounts, trusted by hundreds of Shopify Plus stores.

Why add Social Login to your Shopify store?

Customers hate creating accounts and having to remember usernames and passwords. This is the single biggest dropoff step for your store.

This is even more true on Mobile devices where forms are a pain to use due to small keyboards.

When customers leave your store without leaving their email, you have no way to contact them again. Social Login increases signups and lets you collect more emails so you can get more customers back on to your store.

What if you could eliminate this step?

More than 2.5 billion people have active Social Media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter accounts. Let them sign up to your store and increase sales by turning the entire signup experience to just one click, make signup fun and fast!

More Accounts. Up to 5x more

Hull.io is a proven, reliable, and secure authentication platform packaged into an easy-to-use turnkey solution for Shopify. This simple and secure identity management work wonders for Shopify merchants.

Hull Social Login is the most powerful and flexible social plugin available on the Shopify platform. It is the one trusted identity provider by great Shopify stores worldwide. Join great brands like MVMT Watches and Gymshark who have been customers for years and trusted us with their customer identities.


  • Facebook, Google+, Amazon, Twitter and Instagram login (Contact us for other services, we have them).

  • Mobile and Web ready. Beautiful social login buttons, no tech skills required.

  • Know your customers with unique global and per-segment insights.

Join thousands of successful businesses who use Hull to simplify signup!

Increase signups and conversion

Hull Social Login unifies all of your user data into a single profile, so you get a solid understanding of what drives your customers. You need only one plugin to access valuable user-specific information such as interests, demographics, education, and friends.

When users log in, they give your shop permission to capture this information and offer your users plenty of value while creating a funnel for you.

The only Social Login that's perfect for Shopify stores

Plus plans get advanced features available nowhere else:

  • Extend User sessions indefinitely, prevent 30-minute session timeout and users from being logged out when coming back to your site

  • Global and per-page custom redirections when logging customer in (Redirect to secure https, checkout pages, custom promos and more)

  • Lets customers log in with multiple identity providers and email simultaneously. Handles edge cases like duplicate accounts, or Facebook logins without email permissions gracefully

  • Built-in Spam and Bot protection with Google reCAPTCHA to protect your data and help you to meet strict security compliances world-wide

The best solution for Novice and Advanced Users

  • Doesn’t create dummy emails in your shop or change customer passwords

  • Customize CSS, Text, Fonts, Button shapes and borders, Redirections. Everything can be tweaked.

  • No Iframes. Developers and Designers have complete control over the entire flow.

  • Always ready and up to date, Continuously improved. Loads asynchronously, does not block page load.

Know more about your customers

Google Analytics tells you what happened, Hull tells you who did it.

See everything your customers do and don't do in your shop, who they are, where they come from, who they are, where they live, which products they view, add and purchase. Use this data to create segments, Export them to other tools such as Facebook Custom Audiences or your emailing tool

Get global and per-segment insights such as which cities, referrers and ad campaigns convert the most, see which products sell most for any segment.

Install Hull Social Login in 5 minutes, see your conversion rate increase

  • Click the green "Get" button on this page

  • Activate Buttons and Modals, No code required

Room to grow

Your Customer Data, Everywhere Hull.io makes it simple and easy to manage all your customer data. Right now, you don’t have a full picture of every person who has ever interacted with your brand. You can’t do rich personalization. You don’t know how each customer really found you - logged in or out. You can’t trigger smart workflows in your tools. But, you probably do have that data. It’s just siloed away in your dozens of sales, marketing and customer success tools and teams. Maybe a few hundred spreadsheets too... If only you could send your customer data to one central tool? One that could then segment and send that data ( just the right data) to all your different tools. And with the ease of email.

This is Hull Customer Data Management offering. With Hull, you can rely on having the right customer data with the right people in the right place at the right time. Every time. No need to be or beg for a developer, SQL guru or spreadsheet ninja. Anyone can quickly setup, segment and send your customer data to all your sales, marketing and customer success tools everywhere. And save on storage, API calls, and other expensive features in all your other tools too - manage it centrally and easily from Hull. Like in a restaurant, there’s no need to order everything for everyone, everywhere all at once. Selective “A la carte” customer data saves you money and frustration. Now with one overview of all your contacts, it’s easy to spot new opportunities:

• Laser-target groups of customers and potential customers.

• Copy, paste and enhance your best segments to all your sales, marketing and customer success tools

• Personalize your messages in all your tools with rich, relevant customer data.

• Capture, qualify and convert more opportunities into more revenue.

• Upgrade your lazy, generic "Dear Sir or Madam" messages to your best customers - it is the 21st century after all.

• That’s why modern brands rely on Hull to simply and easily manage all their customer data everywhere.

Book a demo today and feel what it’s like to simply and easily manage all your customer data everywhere at hull.io.

Hull Social Login reviews

44 reviews
  1. 5 stars (33 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (6 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (4 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (1 review)

Great app, I think the best in a category out of all tested.


Im a PAID user and been using the app for a couple months now and its been a nightmare..

I dont know if anyone else is having the same problems, but trying to use the hull dashboard has been impossible, it freezes and won't let me save or do any changes at all.. even trying to activate or deactivate buttons won't work either.

I give it 3 star because the support has been awful too... been waiting for a response for more than a week.


Great app, makes it really easy for your customers to login to their store accounts


The app itself is terrific. Definitely the strongest of the social login apps, much smoother and more sophisticated. However note that response time is quite slow, so if you need help integrating your app, be prepared to wait for a few days for a response to your question. If your theme is heavily customized, you'll need your own developer to help integrate it.


Great app. Hull Social Login is easy to install and looks beautiful. Price is on the high-end though.


Happy clients = Happy Agency.

So far Hull Social Login has been a great app for a number of our clients... it makes us look good and our lives easy!

Can't wait to get more of our customers using it.

Thanks for the great/prompt support too.


I had initially given this app a 5-star review. I am changing it to a one star since:

1) They've raised our pricing to $79 per month due to an increase in site traffic
2) Their dashboard is very very buggy and doesn't work well - at all

It's a great app for $9-$19 but not $79. The value just isn't there, especially when you have alternatives that are charging $1.49 per month for similar features.


I'm pleasantly impressed with this application. It fits quite well with our store look. Go take a look. I believe this is a must have within your shopify store arsenal.


I would recommend to any business


I've been a customer for over a year. The app works better than the other social-login apps is where it will not create another customer account if social-login email matches.

From $450.00 / month

Shopify Plans (monthly):
$450 up to 100k customers
$650 up to 300k customers
Merchants with large customer databases 300k, please contact us at support@hull.io)

Merchants have the option to combine international/ multiple stores by totaling the number of customers across all stores. So there are no additional per store fees. Contact us for a quote.

14 days

Support & Sales

+1 866-674-8185
Get Support


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