Hustline: Customer Service Bot

Hustline: Customer Service Bot

av Hustline Media SL

Customer Service - Solve client emails with automated replies

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Reduce Lots of Client Emails

Hustline boosts your shop contact form and lets you create email automations that solve your client's doubts automatically.

Save Lots of Hours Daily

Save lots of headaches and hours daily. You can use our templates so you don't need to customize anything.

Scale and Reduce Costs

Automating your customer service lets you scale your business and forget about client emails while you reduce costs.

Om Hustline: Customer Service Bot

Hustline's key benefits to your business

Hustline is a new Customer Service automation toolkit that helps you to scale your business and reduce costs by automating your customer service looking like a human.

Create email automations and start replying to your customers automatically.

  • Hustline boosts your shop contact form and lets you create email automations that reply to your customers with the perfect answer for his doubt.
  • Fully branded emails - Your name, logo, subject, & email text.

A great and easy customer service solution for your Shopify website.

Simple set-up

  • You can use our templates so you don't need to customize anything.
  • Fully compatible with every Shopify Theme.
  • Fully translatable to your business language.
  • Perfect for Dropshipping but fits in with any business.

High-Quality Customer Service

  • We have a high-quality team always ready to help and answer your questions.

Perfect for Dropshipping!

Dropshipping is characterized by always having the same messages from customers. This is perfect since it allows Hustline to automate most of the tickets without you noticing and allows you to focus on finding more products for your dropshipping business. If your business is not dropshipping, don't worry, it will also help you reduce costs and tickets a lot thanks to the email automations.

Hustline automations fit any business

This app is the perfect complement or substitute for your tickets software. Also, don't worry if a customer's ticket doesn't meet any of the conditions of the configured automations, Hustline will resend it to you to answer it manually from your email or ticket software.

Ready to stop losing your time and money? Start improving your customer service joining lots of successful Shopify stores & get Hustline ‑ Auto Email Service today!

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  • customer service,
  • email,
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5.0 av 5 stjärnor

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By far, the best customer support app I have ever experienced. The app and the back team is top-notch quality. We have reduced a big percentage of emails from our clients. We have configured that the app reply to our customers in 5 min and the clients think it's a human who replies to them, our buyers are really happy with the service we give them. Totally recommendable :D


It works very well and it reduced us a lot in virtual agents. It's really recommendable to use it. Definitely the best app for customer service.


The app works well. I'm super happy with it, it solves almost all my client emails. It's super recommendable to install it in a store. 100% Happy.