Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed

Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed

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Site speed booster & image optimizer: LazyLoad, Minify & Defer

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Supercharge Your Website Speed

We'll boost your theme's page speed as much as we can with: LazyLoad, preloading, font caching, inline critical CSS, & JS/CSS minification.

Unlimited Image Compression

We'll compress your product & theme asset images to speed up your store. Our advanced image compression automatically handles new images.

Stop Apps From Killing Speed

Too many scripts from other apps can hurt your page speed. We'll cache, minify, defer, & monitor them to reduce their impact on your store.

Sobre Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed

Boost conversions, lower bounce rates and supercharge SEO by optimizing your Shopify store speed & Core Web Vitals.

Slow stores lose customers. The average visitor will leave if your store takes too long to load. Even a couple seconds in page speed makes a big difference.

Hyperspeed increases your mobile speed, desktop site speed, and core web vitals so that you can make more sales.

We do this with a combination of:

  • LazyLoad & responsive images
  • Advanced image compression
  • JS & CSS minification
  • Link preloading
  • Inline critical CSS
  • App script caching
  • Cutting-edge JavaScript deferral

Why does this work to optimize your website speed?

Your site - but as small as possible.

We make your theme files as small as possible to supercharge site speed. With minification, we'll safely minify your store's JS and CSS so that they load faster without compromising their functionality.

Make your store's first impression amazing with blazing fast speed.

We speed up your store's initial load time with LazyLoad and Critical CSS inlining.

LazyLoad loads images on your site only when visitors are about to see them so unseen images don't affect your site speed. We'll also use responsive image sizes to load the right image size for each situation.

Critical CSS inlining delays unnecessary CSS from loading until it's needed, making sure your core web vitals stay fast.

We stop other apps from sabotaging your site speed.

We analyze the apps loaded on your store and cache them so that they're served with the same fast server that hosts your Shopify store.

Third party apps can easily double your site's page speed since they're each loaded separately from a ton of different servers.

We bundle them, compress them, and serve them from Shopify's servers using our app cache so that your site speed isn't impacted.

We'll also monitor your store's scripts for differences and update your cache if anything changes.

Compress your images to improve page speed without losing out on quality.

Hyperspeed uses the latest image compression techniques for maximum page speed boosts. Choose either lossy or lossless compression, for a 30-70% reduction in image sizes.

We'll also actively monitor your shop for new product images and compress them so that they don't bog down your page speed or your core web vitals.

We keep backups of each image so you can easily restore them with a click.

We store all our changes so you can undo them with a click.

If anything goes wrong, we've got you covered. You can preview theme optimizations before they go live.

Notice something wrong after changes are active? Turn back time and undo our changes with a single click!

Give your store the page speed it deserves today. Try it free with a 7 day trial on us.

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  • Unlimited Image Compression
  • Image LazyLoad & Responsive Sizes
  • Critical CSS Inlining
  • Minify JS & CSS
  • HyperScripts
  • App Caching
  • Page Preloading

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Avaliações mais recentes

Pacey MedTech

This app is amazing and the seller has provided incredible support! He went over and above to help me optimize my store even providing some custom code. My site improved from a rating of C to A on GTMetrix and the load time went from 21.5s to 6s! Nothing but great things to say, highly recommend.

Marvels Global Ltd

Those guys don't joke, I have installed the App, a notification came up to I needed to open a ticket for some adjustment and in less than 5 minutes my Ticket was already seen and acted upon! they fixed and improved the issue super quickly, not only that, My website now is super fast even got an A on https://gtmetrix.com/ I really recommend this app and the team is just awesome...

Rolling Rocks

Finally! An app that works! I can't believe how easy it was to install, and the results were amazing & instant!