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Blazing fast theme speed optimization and image compression.

4.7 of 5 stars(12 reviews)

Make Your Store Blazing Fast

We'll optimize your theme to load as fast as possible. Files will be made as small as possible and images will only be loaded when needed.

Automatically Compress Images

Your product and theme asset images will be compressed to cut your store's size down. New images are automatically compressed.

Stop Apps From Killing Speed

App scripts can slow your store down. We'll cache, minify and monitor them to reduce their impact on your store.

About Hyperspeed

Boost sales, lower bounce rates and supercharge SEO by optimizing your Shopify store for speed.

Slow stores lose customers. The average visitor doesn't have any patience and will close a site that takes more than a couple seconds to load.

Hyperspeed makes your store blazing fast so that you can make more sales.


Your site - but as small as possible.

We make your theme files as small as possible with minification. We'll safely minify your store's JS and CSS so that they're as small as possible without compromising their functionality.

Minification maintains your code while making it smaller by stripping out unnecessary text.

Your original files are all maintained and remain unchanged. Any edits are instantly reflected in the minified files!

The right images loaded when they're needed.

We make sure the right images only load when they're needed with LazyLoad and responsive images.

LazyLoad loads images on your site only when visitors are about to see them so unseen images don't affect your site speed.

Responsive image sizes make sure you're loading the right image size for each situation.

We stop apps from making your site super slow.

We analyze the apps loaded on your store and cache them so that they're served with the same fast server that hosts your Shopify store.

Third party apps can easily double your site's load speed since they're each loaded separately from a ton of different servers.

We bundle them, compress them, and serve them from Shopify's servers so that they don't bog you down.

We'll also monitor your store's scripts for differences and update your cache if anything changes.

Predictive technology for next level speed.

We use predictive page loading to preload pages before users click on them so your store feels super fast.

Only pages that are likely to be visited get preloaded so we respect your visitors' bandwidth.

Compress your images without losing out on quality.

Hyperspeed uses the latest image compression techniques for either lossy or lossless compression, for a 30-70% reduction in image sizes.

We'll also actively monitor your shop for new product images and compress them so that they don't bog down your store.

Not satisfied with the compression? No worries! We keep backups of each image we compress so you can easily turn them back to normal with a click.

We store all our changes so you can undo them with a click.

If anything goes wrong, we've got you covered. You can preview theme optimizations before they go live.

Notice something wrong after changes are active? Turn back time and undo our changes with a single click!

Give your store the speed it deserves today. Try it free with a 7 day trial on us.

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* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.7 of 5 stars
Based on 12 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Olleke Wizarding Store Brugge Sluis Maastricht London

I've been selling online for seven years and I never want to compensate on the design. Beautiful sites need to be fast and mobilefriendly, or you won't make any profit. I used several free and paid apps to improve the speed, seo, images, minify scripts and I noticed each app adds a lot of extra code to your website that doesn't go away when you uninstall them.
I used a paid app for speed and that gave me a C ranking. This app turned it into A, making my site 35% faster then my competitors.

My suggestion is: check the speed of the demo theme you are using. Your speed won't be better then the demo. Pick another theme if needed or update your theme (start over from scratch to get a clean sourcecode) copy all the changes you have made so it looks the same (or use your backup). Publish the (new or updated clean code) theme. Analyse your site speed. Re-install all apps you still want to use, each app will add code to your theme. Install the hyperspeed app. Preview it first (I ran into a small css problem that they have fixed after I've mailed them). Make a new preview if neccessary. Publish the hyperspeed preview, check your site and analyse your site in the next couple of days. My new A ranking got even better after a few days (from 89% to 91%). Not just speed but all levels improved. And I'm using less apps to get the same result, saving me 10$ a month.
You have a 7 days trial to test out my suggestion.

Annalise Jewellery

Instant improvement, great support.. We'll see how we get on going forward. On our site www.annalise.co.uk

Tech Hype

Significantly Improved my website speed!! Very good customer service. Improved our google Pagespeed Insight scores!