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EVS Age Verification

EVS Age Verification

Developed by Electronic Verification Systems

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  • Automates integration with IdentiFraud Consumer+
  • Age Verification is completely seamless to your customers
  • Helps maintain compliance for age-restricted products

Age verification is imperative for all online sales of age restricted products such as tobacco, e-cigarettes, wine and spirits.  States such as Texas and Massachusetts have already passed regulations mandating that online retailers selling age restricted products verify consumer information against consumer databases to ensure that consumers are of legal age to purchase their products.  Self-certification of age (e.g. having a consumer click a button or submit their age or date of birth) is not sufficient to maintain compliance with these regulations.

The EVS Age Verification App automated integration with IdentiFraud Consumer+ to allow for true age verification to meet compliance requirements within Shopify.  The app will perform the following functions within your Shopify Store:

  • Adds a birthdate field to the registration form

  • Creates a new set of integration credentials within the IdentiFlo Management Platform

  • Performs an IdentiFraud Consumer+ transaction each time a new customer places their first order

  • Tags the customer as verified for each successful verification

  • Tags any order from a customer that could not be verified as needing manual verification

The verification process is performed in the background, allowing you to maintain compliance without impacting the checkout process for your customers.  Transaction history is stored within the IdentiFlo Management Platform, ensuring that you always have an audit trail to prove your compliance with age verification regulations.

EVS provides some of the lowest age verification transaction rates in the industry, no set-up fees, a nominal monthly system access fee and no minimums for transaction volume. Our focus on long-term client relationships allows us to provide these lower costs without sacrificing product quality, maintaining our high standards for data precision, security, and customer experience.

EVS Age Verification reviews

4 reviews
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This doesn't seem to do much of anything...


This app is highly valuable to us and we have grown to trust it after doing our own research on clients and their age. Get this app!


I have a lot of concerns with this app. I purchased the plan to use this on my site like the previous reviewer, the only issue is a lot of my orders are getting flagged. Birthdate is valid, but the address or something is marking it as fraud. Needs to be more automated, maybe make it so they have to put last four of social in or a copy of drivers license. Something...I am just a little upset I am getting so many kicked back. Def needs a bit of a rework, I dont know if the issue is on the back end or the front end


Age verification is required in the vaping industry for customers under the age of 26 purchasing nicotine e-liquids and vape gear due to FDA regulations. This app isn't fully automated but is certainly handy to filter orders that need further verification.


There is no additional cost for IdentiFraud Consumer+ clients to use this application, each verification performed through the EVS Age Verification App will be charged in the same manner as a verification performed through the IdentiFlo Management Platform.


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