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Developed by ifshop

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  • Automate your shop with simple if-this-then-that rules
  • Act on specific events by customizing your rules with condition statements
  • Send automated emails and automate customer, order, and product tagging

Intelligent Automation

ifshop is an if-this-then-that automation engine with a slick UI. Its core mechanism is a rule. A rule contains an event and an action - think: if the event occurs, then execute the action.

Customizable Events

The rules have customization baked into them. Tailor any rule to target specific events with conditions on the event - think: instead of tagging a customer whenever they make an order, tag the customer only if a line item on their order has a product title "Generic T-Shirt".

Customizable Actions

There are a multitude of actions that are useful for shop owners - think: automated email alerts, tagging, order cancellation, customer discounts, the list goes on!

ifshop supports:

  • email alerts, with the same Liquid support you use when customizing your themes

  • product tagging and untagging

  • order tagging and untagging

  • customer tagging and untagging
  • Examples

    Here's an example of an automation flow you could easily build:

    When an order is created and...

  • the total price is greater than 500 USD

  • the shipping address is outside of California

  • Then...

    • tag the order high_priority and long_distance.

    When an order is updated and...

  • the order tags include high_priority and long_distance

  • the order tags do not include contacted_shipping and contacted_customer

  • the customer tags include prospect

  • Then...

    • send the shop owner an email advising to contact the shipping company about transporting a fragile item long distance.

    • send the customer an email letting them know that the shop is giving their order special attention.

    • tag the order contacted_shipping and contacted_customer.

    When an order is fulfilled and...

  • the order tags include fragile_shipment, long_distance, contacted_shipping, and contacted_customer

  • the customer tags include prospect

  • Then...

    • follow up with the customer with an email asking them if they appreciated the extra care the shop took to ensure a successful delivery.

    • tag the customer with followed_up.


    When you install the app, you'll have 24 hours to test out all the features. After 24 hours, you'll need to subscribe to maintain your ifshop service. Use the subscription page in the app to start your ifshop subscription!

    For more detail, check out the wiki.


    For guides on how to use ifshop, check out the ifshop wiki!


    This is the beta version of this app - there will probably be a few bugs. I am very actively developing new features for this.

    If you want to be a beta tester to earn a discount on your subscription, let me know at contact@ifshop.io.

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    $30.00 / month

    To start your subscription, use the 'Subscription' page inside the app.

    7 days

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