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7 reviews
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  • Make your shop respond in real time - automatically react to events as they happen.
  • Keep your personal touch - as your customer base grows, send automated emails rich with details, relevant to each buyer.
  • Keep your data up to date by automatically updating prices, tags, inventory, or anything else.

Ready to level up your business operations, take better care of your customers, and save time in the process?

Announcing ifshop

ifshop is the new automation platform for Shopify that lets you put your tasks on autopilot. With ifshop, you can create highly customized automation flows that respond to events in your shop.

ifshop is the best way to grow your customer base without increasing your workload.

Build massively flexible automation flows to take tedious, repetitive, and predictable work off your plate so you can focus on being the heart and soul of your business.

Wish you could be everyone at once doing all the things? Now you can.

Here's what ifshop can do for you:

  • Make your shop respond in real time by automatically reacting to events as they happen.

  • Keep your personal touch as your customer base grows by sending automated emails rich with details, relevant to each buyer.

  • Act at exactly the right moment with highly flexible condition statements.

  • Send email notifications to whomever you please, whenever you please, with any content you like.

  • Keep your shop organized without tedious work by automatically tagging customers, orders, and products.

  • Keep your shop clean by archiving orders when they're complete.

  • Cancel and refund orders that can't be fulfilled.

  • Update any data in your shop at any time, based on any data anywhere in your shop.

ifshop has full Liquid support for its email templates, and condition statements, and actions. What does this get you?

  • Massively flexible flows. Make automated decisions based on any data in your shop.

  • Complete customization. Design and populate your emails however you like, keeping your brand consistent when messaging your customers, teammates, or suppliers.

  • Evaluate data on the fly. Update your data to new values that can be evaluated on the fly, allowing for enormous customization.

Here are a few examples

  • When a customer places an order, and if it is their first order

    • then tag the customer with "paying-customer".

  • When any product variant's inventory dips below 10

    • then increase the product price by 15%

    • then send shop staff an email alert with the product info.

  • When a product's inventory reaches 0

    • then unpublish (hide) it from your online or POS store.

  • When an order's shipping method contains "delivery"

    • then tag the order with "requires-delivery"

    • then send an email alert to shop delivery staff

  • When an order is tagged with "ready-for-shipment"

    • then send the customer an email alert.

  • When a fulfillment event is created, and the status is "delivered".

    • then archive the order.

    • then send the customer an email letting them know their order was delivered.

  • When a product is added to a collection

    • then change the product's weight, barcode, sku, and vendor to reflect the change.

  • When a product is tagged "new-product"

    • then change the product's handle.

This is far from an exhaustive list. ifshop was built for flexibility - it can do just about anything.

Here's how it works:

At its core, ifshop is if-this-then-that automation. ifshop uses automation rules - these rules are really simple to build, yet are incredibly powerful and flexible.

To build a rule, choose from a list of different events (like "when a customer is created", or "when an order is fulfilled"), then select a sequence of actions that you want to run when that event occurs. Last, add filters to your actions so that they run precisely when you need them to.

There are 30 different events to choose from, covering customers to products to orders and more. There are a host of different actions available (with more coming all the time!), including email notifications, order tagging, product tagging, and customer tagging, price changes, inventory management, etc., etc., etc. There are 73 different filters for you to use, or you can write your own using Liquid!

Here's a note on installation

When you install the app, you'll have 7 days to test out all the features.

After 7 days, subscribe for free to maintain your ifshop service. Use the subscription page in the app to start your ifshop subscription!

There are no hidden prices here - no set-up fees, no premium features that you need to buy - just one subscription price for the full, powerful ifshop feature-set. More than that, pricing is usage-based, meaning you only pay for what you use and not a cent more.

This is a neat app, but I don't see the feature I need!

Don't worry, this is common thing to feel - automation is useful for a cornucopia of tasks. Send me an email at aaron@ifshop.io or leave me a note with the in-app chat, and let me know what it is you're looking for. I'll work with you toward a solution.

I'm a maker!

If you're interested in a trade for a discounted subscription fee, drop me a line and let's talk.

I've got other questions!

You're in luck! I built ifshop and I'm here to answer your questions.

Check out the ifshop wiki to see if the answer's there, but if you can't find what you need, send me an email at aaron@ifshop.io and I'll get that question answered!

ifshop reviews

7 reviews
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Great alternative to Shopify Flow!


This is a must have, time saving, very reasonably priced app! With this app I have been able to automate tagging orders, updating statuses, and emailing our customers at each stage of our order process. It is definitely a time saver and a money saver! I have been using the app for awhile now and I am still discovering new possibilities. I did have some hiccups when I began using the app, but it was my lack of understanding the proper coding. However, the customer service that is provided is second to NONE! When I made a mistake or had a question, he was right there to help! He even provided an example so that I could better understand. He is extremely prompt with his replies. I cannot say enough about the customer service. Not only does the app deserve 5 stars, the customer service gets 5 stars too!
**UPDATE** Still using the app months later and still love it. Customer service is awesome and the app keeps being updated with new features. Still a must have app!


We are creating a very customized site and are using ifshop for multiple purposes including email notifications for delivery and tagging products. Customer service has been quick to respond which is great when in production.


This App is great and is fairly easy to use to get automated actions happening for your Shopify site. A great tool to make up where Shopify is lacking! My newest go-to App.


This is a great automation app to expand the possibilities of your Shopify store!

We use it to receive notifications of new users accounts on our website as well as tagging customers who buy certain products.

This is what we like about the app:
- Ease of implementation (make sure you read their wiki https://github.com/aareano/ifshop-wiki/wiki)
- WIDE range of possibilities
- Flexible payment system (usage based or subscription based)
- Fast reply from support

We highly recommend this app!


Life saver. Our shipping staff needed / wanted some of their bulk order tagging automated and we were able to quickly implement something thanks to ifshop! Probably going to save us a few if not many man hours in the long run.


This is a swiss army knife app. I can see possibilities to do so many different things with this great app. We use it to implement our quirky pricing schemes for wholesale agriculture customers who get a volume price discount based off of their first order of the season. We use ifShop to tag new customers as they create accounts with a tag that helps implement the pricing rules for a first time customer, then ifShop evaluates their order, removes the first time customer tag, and then applies the correct tag so that they get the correct pricing for every other order regardless of size. It's complicated and ifShop has helped me to implement it rather easily.
I have almost zero coding knowledge, and the very little bit that I had to use in order to do the complicated order evaluation, Aaron was extremely responsive and helpful - I've gotten it working the way I wanted in just a few working hours.
I plan on using ifShop in a lot of different creative ways.

From $0.00 / month

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Above the free tier, pricing is based on usage, so you only get charged if ifshop does real work for you. Check out the 'Subscription' page inside the app for pricing details.

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