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27 mars 2023

The staff has been very helpful and kind in helping me set up the campaign. Haven't sent out the campaign yet, so cannot report on that yet, but I feel confident that their staff will provide me with the support I need to create a successful campaign and to resolve any issues that come up.

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IgnitePOST svarade 28 mars 2023

Thanks so much for your review! We're always here to help and will definitely continue to provide insights and feedback to ensure you're successful. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

22 mars 2023

IgnitePOST, Arian and his team have been a pleasure to work with. They helped provide custom support for our needs and we have already received positive feedback and orders placed due to the handwritten cards. Awesome product and team! Thanks!

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IgnitePOST svarade 22 mars 2023

Thank you so much for the feedback. We only get better by listening to customers. We truly appreciate the suggestions and are thrilled to hear you're already seeing the results of the handwritten notes!

10 mars 2022

I have loved using IgnitePost because it builds so much trust and appreciation from our customers to our brand. The handwritten notes are incredible and customers really appreciate them! I highly recommend this app to any business owners out there looking to strengthen the relationships with their customers.

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IgnitePOST svarade 21 mars 2022

Thank you so much for your review! Showing appreciation towards customers is so important when building a brand! Glad we can help out!

27 oktober 2021

This has been a game changer for our business in order to create a personal touch. We're in a business that no one would expect a hand written note, but by doing so blows people away. It's so easy to integrate into our Klayvio account and automate personalization at scale. So happy I found these guys.

Laundry Sauce
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IgnitePOST svarade 27 oktober 2021

Thanks so much for the review! We're excited to help you add that surprise and delight factor! That should help set you apart from crowd for sure! And yes! Love seeing brands leverage the automation right from Klaviyo flows!

29 september 2021

I love this app to drive retention and engagement with customers. Personalization is critical to our brand and ignitepost allows us to focus on growing with our customers without sacrificing that personal touch.

Morrissey Market
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 3 minuter
IgnitePOST svarade 29 september 2021

Thank you so much for the review! Couldn't agree more! In today's climate, retention and engagement are critical to growing your brand!

22 september 2021

In our business, it is extremely important that we are as efficient as possible with our time and capital. IgnitePost is perfect because it delivers an automated personal touch to customer service and experience without us having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an additional hire to deliver the same experience. Rather than personally writing handwritten notes to every individual customer (which becomes impossible), we took the time to create the perfect note and IgnitePost took care of the rest!

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IgnitePOST svarade 23 september 2021

Love it! That makes total sense! Efficient use of your time is critical to success. Happy to hear we were able to help out!

22 september 2021

Amazing! Using IgnitePost we've been able to create an amazing experience for our VIP customers. Having that personal touch with the handwritten cards adds an element that our customers love. Very grateful for this app.

Club EarlyBird
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IgnitePOST svarade 23 september 2021

Awesome! So glad to hear customers love the personal touch! Keep up the amazing work!

10 augusti 2021

IgnitePOST's team has gone above and beyond to help us create a unique experience for our customers that drives loyalty and community in a way we haven't been able to accomplish with email or SMS. Arian and Anda have taken the time to understand our needs and help us design solutions that delight our customers. The IgnitePOST integration with Klaviyo allows us to build very specific and targeted trigger rules so that our customers receive timely "hand-written" messages from the founder voice that bring them back to us as a brand again and again. If you're looking to set yourself apart and create loyalty via personal touch, IgnitePOST's hand-written mail solution is the best we have encountered.

Roma Designer Jewelry
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IgnitePOST svarade 10 augusti 2021

Thanks so much for the review! Glad you're seeing such great results and enjoying the Klaviyo integration! Keep up the awesome work! We can't wait to see how some of the additional touch points work out!

30 mars 2021

In our business, we're trying to build a community and turn customers into brand advocates. IgnitePost is perfect for us to deliver a personal handwritten touchpoint when we need it most without having to bring on an additional hire. It's becoming harder and harder for brands to differentiate themselves in an increasingly digital world and IgnitePost gives us the ability to do just that in a way that is super easy & quick to set up!

The CoachUp Pro Shop
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IgnitePOST svarade 30 mars 2021

Glad we can help out! Community building is indeed super important!

24 mars 2021

Ignitepost did exactly what we were looking for, we wanted to send physical notes to customers (or potential customers) when they abandoned carts (to see if we could win them back), or if they spent a certain amount with us (to thank them) It's nice to send a physical note to a customer from an all-digital brand, and this app helped us do that quickly & cost-effectively.

Pistol Lake
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IgnitePOST svarade 25 mars 2021

Thanks for the kind words! Glad we could help give your customers an amazing experience!