Mail Handwritten Notes & Cards

Mail Handwritten Notes & Cards


Create Customers for Life w Personalized Notes and Postcards

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Mail unique cards & notes 💌

Fact: Direct mail has a 90% open rate! Send personalized handwritten notes and postcards to shoppers in just a few clicks.

Connect with shoppers 😍

Use handwritten notes to ask for reviews & testimonials, re-engage shoppers & abandoned carts, offer loyalty rewards or just say THANK YOU

Get ROI of 10X 🚀

Direct mail personalized cards and notes are proven to boost conversion rates by up to 10X. Send yourself a FREE sample to try it out!

有關 Mail Handwritten Notes & Cards

What is IgnitePOST?

IgnitePOST is the easiest way to send personalized, handwritten notes and post cards by physical direct mail to your customers.

Shopify store owners love IgnitePOST!

  • "IgnitePOST's hand-written mail solution is the best we have encountered."
  • "I love this app to drive retention and engagement. Personalization is critical to our brand."
  • "We've been able to create an amazing experience for our VIP customers."

What do IgnitePOST notes and cards look like?

All notes and cards are written with our in-house robots with REAL INK and with your choice of font and style to match your store brand. It looks and feels like a genuine handwritten card. Install the app and mail a sample to yourself to try it.

Why do Shopify store owners send direct mail notes and cards?

Everyone is drowning in email and digital communication. Handwritten notes and cards help store-owners like you engage customers with physical mail. It helps you build a more personal, human and long-lasting connection with your shoppers.

Is it really better than email?

Absolutely! Direct mail is opened and read by over 99% of recipients - your message will always be seen by your customers. Store owners get up to 10x returns with IgnitePOST - and some even 20x. Email doesn’t even come close!

How does IgnitePOST support my store growth?

Use personalized notes and cards to ask for post-purchase reviews, reduce churn, extend subscriptions, promote offers, reengage shoppers, grow loyalty programs, recapture abandoned carts or just say “Thank You” to your customers!

It’s super easy to customize your message, add your brand logo and product images, choose your font style, and more.

Use IgnitePOST to:

  • Ask for reviews
  • Deliver promotions
  • Mail discounts
  • Extend subscriptions
  • Request post-purchase feedback
  • Run ‘Thank You’ campaigns
  • Make Retention easy
  • Reduce Churn
  • Launch and promote your loyalty program
  • Recapture lost customers
  • Reengage forgotten shoppers
  • Power Abandoned Cart campaigns
  • Add a Personal Touch to your marketing :)

Start using IgnitePOST in just a few steps

  • Trigger handwritten card follow ups after purchases are made;
  • Target Klaviyo segments with handwritten cards instead of email;
  • Create custom rules to specify when / whom to contact;
  • Select from a variety of handwriting styles;
  • Upload your own logos / images to use on the greeting cards

IgnitePOST is 100% free to install with super simple pricing:

  • No install charges or monthly plans
  • Simple, transparent pricing per note/card
  • Pay for only what you use
  • Just $3.99 / card

Add the App now and Send a Free Card to Yourself to try it!


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3.99 per handwritten card.

5.0 5 顆星


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Morrissey Market

I love this app to drive retention and engagement with customers. Personalization is critical to our brand and ignitepost allows us to focus on growing with our customers without sacrificing that personal touch.



Thank you so much for the review! Couldn't agree more! In today's climate, retention and engagement are critical to growing your brand!

In our business, it is extremely important that we are as efficient as possible with our time and capital. IgnitePost is perfect because it delivers an automated personal touch to customer service and experience without us having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an additional hire to deliver the same experience. Rather than personally writing handwritten notes to every individual customer (which becomes impossible), we took the time to create the perfect note and IgnitePost took care of the rest!



Love it! That makes total sense! Efficient use of your time is critical to success. Happy to hear we were able to help out!

Club EarlyBird

Amazing! Using IgnitePost we've been able to create an amazing experience for our VIP customers. Having that personal touch with the handwritten cards adds an element that our customers love. Very grateful for this app.



Awesome! So glad to hear customers love the personal touch! Keep up the amazing work!