iGoal ‑ All Systems in One

iGoal ‑ All Systems in One


Exit Pop-ups, Email Retargeting, Recommendation system & more!

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Increase your sales

Smart triggers that impact the user based on navigation and interest, increasing the conversion rate and average sales

Personalized Recommendations

Work with recommendation systems for your online store, improving your website's user experience.

Have new customers

Increase your number of leads with smart triggers and maximize your CRM.

iGoal ‑ All Systems in One 정보

iGoal - Exit Popups, Email Retargeting, Recommendation system, Marketing automation for retention, ChatBots and more.

IGoal is a technology company focused on developing systems for boosting, retaining and recovering sales.

What are iGoal systems?

iGoal developed systems based on the study of user behavior within an e-commerce, thinking about the best times to impact a user with smart triggers, intention exit pop-ups, email retargeting, and among many other products included in the ecosystem of the iGoal dashboard.

Why use iGoal?

  • Customizable setup
  • We are the most complete system in the market for e-commerce
  • Exclusive service
  • DashBoard analytics
  • Intelligent system, the results are shown in just 10 days.
  • Create your campaigns, test A / B, we leave you free to decide your strategy.
  • Improves your site's UX from recommendation systems.
  • Generate leads for your CRM structure.
  • Recover sales that would be lost.

Our products:

  • E-mail Retargeting (Cart abandonment, top five, inactivity, and many others).
  • Exit intention pop-ups.
  • Intelligent triggers (Sold Out triggers, countdown triggers, spin to win, intelligent content trigger, and many others).
  • Recommendation systems with smart showcases
  • ChatBots.
  • Banners.
  • Forms.
  • Flyouts.
  • OPTYN (Do it yourself!).
  • Tabs.
  • Integrations between ecosystem systems.

We map users within your e-commerce

Based on our intelligence, we were able to identify the interests of your audience, how much they are leaving in the abandoned cart, country, device, browser, time and date, type of traffic, and many other analyzes to assist your strategy.

Smart triggers

They appear according to the user's navigation, impacting them at the exact time, increasing the conversion rate of your e-commerce.

Improve your site's UX!

Recommend what your user is interested in buying with smart showcases (Most viewed products, most purchased products, products being purchased at the moment, products being seen at the moment, products based on your browsing, and many others).

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*(Up to 50.000 sessions)

  • Optyn System
  • Lead generation
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • & much more!

Smart Triggers


*(Up to 40.000 sessions)

  • Exit intention Pop-ups
  • Sold out Triggers
  • Countdown triggers
  • Floatbar
  • Content Triggers
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Optyn System
  • & much more!



*(Up to 40.000 sessions)

  • Recommendation Systems
  • Inteligent showcases
  • A/B Test
  • Campaign management
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • & much more!



*(Up to 40.000 sessions)

  • Personalized call
  • DashBoard analytics
  • A/B test
  • + Recomendation system
  • + Smart Triggers
  • + ChatBots
  • & much more!

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