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Personal Recommended Products

Increase your conversion rates by recommending products of similar style to shoppers. Offer them alternatives if the item is out-of-stock.

Responsive Support Team

We offer free set-up and customization of our app. If you have a feature suggestion for Quiddi, we will develop it. Just ask.

Save Time with Automation

Our AI automatically selects new related products, continuously combining new products. The system supports you, not the other way around.

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Why do I need Related Products for my Shopify store?

Using related products in your Shopify store is one of the most effective ways you can boost sales.

Amazon reports that a lot of its sales are due to cross-selling. Recommending related products is the simplest way to cross-selling.

If you notice that the average time spent on your store is low and that the bounce rate is high, you should try a related products app. Your customers often don't know exactly what they're looking for. It helps you to display recommended products to the one that the visitor is currently viewing. So, the visitor sees alternative product options that he can consider even if the item is out-of-stock. By clicking on one of the related products, the visitor lands on a new page, increasing the number of pages viewed and the time spent on site.

Increase Profit Margins with Related Products app

Increase your profit margins by recommending higher priced but similar products and simplify the discovery of related items by recommending additional and complementary related products matching the shopper's taste.

Improve User Experience with Related Products app

Better discovery means a better experience. Quiddi delivers better user experience, happier customers and ultimately higher conversions. Reduce site abandonment by helping shoppers continue their shopping journeys. Offer them related products matching their intention and unique taste.

Minimize Effort with Related Products app

Easily embed mobile-friendly recommended products carousels – ready to use. Add it to your online shop with just a few clicks. No technical skills required. We offer free set-up and customization of our Related Products app. Just reach out to us by email and we will do the needful within 24 hours.

What makes our recommended products app better than others?

Our very prime advantage is the AI system:

  1. It chooses the most relevant products to display. AI uses product picture analysis, deep textual analysis and other factors to help you boost your revenue;
  2. It's fully automated. You don't need to select or approve the related products manually. The AI also automatically updates related products after every catalog update.

How will Quiddi integrate with my store's design?

Quiddi will seamlessly fit into your website design. Our Recommended Products app integrates automatically with Shopify themes. In all instances, our support team will manually adjust the design individually, should you require this.

Does Quiddi affect my website's performance in anyway?

No, not in the slightest. Quiddi's mission revolves around optimization of website's user experience, so, first and foremost, we apply this approach to our products.


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  • Same price for all projects
  • No matter how many products your website has
  • We guarantee a fixed price for Related Products app

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Space In My Room

This app allowed me to easily display Related Products on product pages of my store. Customer support replied for my email and customized widget for me extremely quickly.
If you are looking for a quick and simple app this app is the one you need. I didn’t notice that the app is reducing my store’s performance. That’s great.
I highly recommend this app.


I don't easily give five-star reviews. But Image Based Related Products has gone over and beyond to satisfy our needs. In my years, I have rarely met such a team that really cares for their client.
All the options I needed, manually customized and applied for us. According to statistics, with the app, there are more purchases of products in a bundle. I highly recommend this app with all my heart - online fashion store with individual prints

The app is good. In general, it is not difficult to configure it. Shows offers for similar products. The application itself is well written. Solid 5.