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We have a product inventory exceeding 10,000 items with approximately 4000 missing images. Imagefinder app worked nearly flawlessly but any issues were quickly resolved by the developer. I would highly recommend this application for any company needing to find images for their inventory. This app is by far the most cost saving application I have ever come across.

使用應用程式 25天

This app is the best. It mostly accuratly picks great photos for products that are missing images. I cannot believe the simplicity of use of this app. The only thing is you have to manually reactivate the listing once it deactivates so you can verify the listing. The fastest way is to download change false to true for visibility and then re-upload and done. Super fast service!

Monroe Truck and Auto Accessories
使用應用程式 3年多

Image finder helps us to get images we have a hard time getting from our supplier. Super easy to use and Jay is extremely helpful! Thanks again for providing an app so easy to use!

使用應用程式 大約1年

This app finds pictures and is really easy to use. Sometimes if finds goofy images but based on the title and description and part number of the product, you get what you get, garbage in and garbage out. Enter your data the best way possible and you will get great results. WYSIWYG!

West Michigan Golf Carts
使用應用程式 3分鐘