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3 januari 2018

App saves the images to theme files and theme files has 50 MB limit for all files so the limit for images is easily reached. A lot better place for images would be Shopify CDN.

7 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 3 januari 2020

Enormapps are good people. They actually follows up when you have a concern and the Gallery By EA ‑ Image + Video does not break and is easy to use. Would recommend.

Lisa Iannello
5 månader användning av appen
EnormApps svarade 16 september 2019

Hello Developer,

We are sorry for the issue you faced. We promptly replied to your email within 2 mins mentioning the server upgrading. The issue was resolved within 20mins.
Thank you.

Redigerat 9 oktober 2019

I've used this app for a few months now. It's very basic and kind of gets the job done, but it's definitely not great. There is so feature to transfer uploaded images to a different gallery. If I duplicate a gallery, none of the photos transfer, even when I click the option "clone gallery with images". I find that this app is inconsistent and even though it's simple, it ends up being frustrating to use. I had issues initially installing the app and was pleased that customer service was able to sort it out quickly. Overall this app is just okay, but definitely not great if your trying to use it for a large portfolio.

5 månader användning av appen
EnormApps svarade 9 oktober 2019


We are very sorry for your experience with our app.
We have checked our clone gallery function and its working totally fine.
We even checked in your store and its working absolutely fine. We have attached a video as well in the email that we sent to you, to show you how to do that.

We request you to please email us if you face any issue with the app, our response time is very quick. The issue you mentioned in your review is not in the app. Can you please clear cache and check by yourself the process of cloning gallery with images?

We are always happy to help our customers if they face any issue.

11 mars 2019

It works fine for couple minute, then nothing appear on my page. Moreover, it conflicts with my Boundless theme's slideshow. The slideshow stops working after i install this app. Then, when i uninstall it, i had to go to index.liquid to manually delete the line with the code related to this app. Not really happy about this.

Silk in Cloud
23 minuter användning av appen
EnormApps svarade 11 mars 2019


We are very sorry for the issue caused. If you give us once chance our app team will be able to check the issue and resolve it. A lot of our customers use our apps with boundless theme with no issue.
Please re-install the app and email us. We will surely fix the issue.

Thank you.