Image Audit

Image Audit


Easily tag and hide products that are missing images.

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Customizable Tagging

Enter your own custom tag value when Image Audit tags a product with no images. Use this tag in collections to ensure they are corrected.

Unpublish (Optional)

Quickly unpublish products that have no images from your store front.

Easily Identified

Easily find a list of products that don't have any images attached in your admin by using tag filters. Maintaining a data quality standard.

Image Audit 정보

When products are without images on your eCommerce store it can look unprofessional, like your store is “Under Construction”. With so many people and apps having access to your store there is the risk that your product images are compromised.

Image Audit is here to solve this problem for you.

Maintain the quality of your shop

Image Audit will search all of your products to see if you may have left out or removed images. This is a vital ingredient to being a successful retailer. It can then tag the product with a user-defined tag and additionally un-publish the product from your storefront.

  • Tags products with a user-defined tag
  • Automatically hide products with no images from your storefront (optional)
  • Easily find products with missing images in your admin using tag filters
  • Use your tag to make up custom collections of products not meeting your data quality standards.

Quality = Trust

The content and design of a store can be incredibly important in promoting trust. People are less likely to trust a store that appears broken or unloved and if a customer doesn't trust your store, they're less likely to buy anything!

Your online shop needs trust to work. Image Audit is one of the best tools to deliver this.

Check variants for images

It can also check where a variant colour was added with no picture. No more buying a black t-shirt when you are supposed to be getting a white one!

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There is an additional $32 per month if over 100,000 products

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가장 최근 리뷰

Formosa Asian Market

Simple app, good price. Work as it described. Save lots of time finding products without the image. A value app that a store with many sku must install.

개발자 회신

2019년 9월 2일

Thank you for your review, We are glad you found the application useful and affordable.


Doesn't work. Has never worked once since installing. Good idea and something that's needed, but it seems to exist only as a concept and not as a functional product. Tired of paying for something that does nothing. Developers tried, but this is just not ready for prime time. I'd wait and see if they get it to work in the future. For now, though, I can't waste any more time or money on it. If they ever get it to work in the future, and can actually demonstrate that, I'd be happy to revise my review.

개발자 회신

2019년 4월 10일

Unfortunately, we could not provide a solution while working with you to resolve your issue with Image Audit. Image Audit works great on our small to medium stores, it was not designed for your size store. We recommended you consider Shopify Plus to support your requirements. We hope to make you as happy with our application in the future as our other users of Image Audit. We will continue to improve Image Audit to better support larger stores.
We will contact you again to issue a full refund.