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Image Marshal

Image Marshal

Developed by G★O Software

4 reviews
Price: $9.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Dynamically sizes and aligns your product images and information
  • Visually cleans your collections for easier conversion
  • Requires no template editing or tweaking

Tired of misaligned products on your collection pages?

Image Marshal automatically corrects product alignment in your Collections!

Simply install the app and Image Marshal dynamically sizes and aligns your product images and information.

Image Marshal reviews (4)


This App DOES NOT work on the two different sites I have installed it on and now Jarrad has just stopped responding to my requests to get it sorted out. No problem billing me though!


This app works great-it makes the text and everything look really clean and aligned.

My experience with the customer service was also great. On one page of my site, I was concerned because the images looked ragged. I contacted Image Marshal via the email and I heard back promptly from Jarrad, who offered to schedule an online meeting with me to discuss the problem.

We met within a couple of days. Jarrad was extremely courteous, helpful, eager to solve the problem, and clearly skilled at what he does. He explained what was going on (the images were aligning at the top by default), and offered to recode the alignment for my site for free to make them align at the bottom.

Jarrad took the time to show me on his screen what the various alignments would look like and to make sure I would be satisfied. He told me that if I wanted them aligned another way after it was done, I should just let him know and he would recode it.

All in all this was refreshingly excellent customer service and a good product.


At this time I would NOT use it again. #1 When I first linked the app to my Shopify store it only did what it said it would on PC/Mac but It did NOT re-size images on mobile. I contacted the developer and received a reply from "Jarrad." Jarrad said they would look into it and get back to me. Jarrad eventually got back to me and said it was fixed on mobile and asked me to confirm it was fixed. However, the trial period ended and I couldn't activate the app to confirm. I email Jarrad back and asked if he could extend the trial so I could confirm and he never got back to me. #2 That was 8 days ago (today is 5-6-15). #3 Another problem, when I clicked the "accept charge" button to try to re-activate the app it did nothing. I can't even accept the charge to see if they actually fixed it. #4 And yet here is another problem, I then received an email from "Mark" instructing me to accept the charge to keep using the Image Marshal app and also asking for a review. I sent him an email asking for a response and that was a day ago. He has not replied either. #5 Like the previous review from "DroneCyclone" the Image Marshal app trashed and distorted ALL of my product images on EVERY product page. At first I wasn't sure what the problem was so I asked two different developers (one being the developer of the theme) to check it out. I added them to my store's backend as "Staff" and after their review they both confirmed that it was the Image Marshal app that is distorting EVERY SINGLE product image. They told me to contact the Image Marshal developer for help but if you've read this far you know where that got me. #6 The app is priced high. For Shopify store owners who have to use several apps, a $9 price for an app that isn't stable is extremely high. PLEASE BE ADVISED, I would love and use this app if it was stable and actually worked but it doesn't and it's not. In short, Image Marshal = bad non-functioning app + liability to your online store + terrible customer service. Had to uninstall to fix the problem. And I'm left with the feeling that they don't care about me or my business or even their business. Maybe they'll get it right on all fronts next time around. In conclusion, to the Shopify community, please accept this review, very respectfully.


Does everything it says on the collection pages, was great - only problem was that it trashed the product detail page image galleries. No other solution but to uninstall the app. Really too bad, because it advertised purpose worked.

Also the developer contact email address doesn't work:

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$9.00 / month
7 days


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