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9 reviews
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  • Ultra High Resolution Zoom
  • Endless 360 Viewer Customization
  • Revolutionary Customer Support

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Examples of Imajize installed on a Shopify website:

  • www.MMAWarehouse.com

  • www.NearSights.com

  • www.SculptureSoap.com

  • www.SoPretty.ca

  • The most advanced, yet user-friendly 360 viewer on the market (seriously ...we looked around).

    Imajize securely stores your images, puts them in a mobile-friendly 360° viewer, and lets you customize every aspect with an ultra clean user interface. With free automatic updates for life and no software to download, Imajize is a maintenance-free publishing platform for spinning your products on Shopify.

    Why you'll love Imajize.

    Imajize customers love using Imajize. And not just because of its full screen mode. Or its amazing loading speed. Or its seamless compatibility with mobile devices. It's all of those things plus the fact that Imajize is just so powerful, yet amazingly easy to use.

    What does this app do, exactly?

    This app replaces your static product image with a 360 view.

    How do I get started?

    After you download the plugin, you'll be prompted to create a new Imajize account (You'll start with a Free plan with no credit card required, and no messy strings attached).

  • Download the Imajize app from Shopify.

  • Upload your 360 product photos to your Imajize account.

  • Copy and paste the Imajize embed link into Shopify (watch the 3 minute video tutorial).

  • How can I create 360 degree images?

  • Buy a turntable online

  • Hire a pro

  • Export Images from 3D Rendering Software

  • Installation instructions:

  • Install the Shopify app.

  • Create an account with Imajize.

  • Upload product images to Imajize.

  • Get the embed code from Imajize (select "URL" as the embed type).

  • Log in to your Shopify account, go to the product page, and add the 360 view URL into the "ALT" field for the product image.

  • Click save and reload the product page.
  • Click here to watch a 3-minute video showing the installation from start to finish.

    Imajize reviews

    9 reviews
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    If you've tried adding 360 degree pictures to your shop, you'll know it's not easy. I searched high and low for a solution that would seamlessly work with my theme - it doesn't exist. For every single Shopify theme, personalized code must be used to make it work. After getting frustrated with all the other options out there & serious lack of support, I finally reached out to Imajize and spoke to Michael who assured me he and his team would be able to get my shop working perfectly (in just a few hours!) for our launch! Their technical lead Jasper was very helpful and quick to get to our shop and make the necessary changes.

    This company is truly passionate about what they do & creating the perfect 360 degree solution for everyone. They've thought about everything to make this technology work better, from optimizing the size on any device intuitively & loading instantly to hosting the data on the cloud for super fast load times -believe me there is no faster app out there.

    Thank you Michael & Jasper again for helping us!

    Anything you need from AristaVista, feel free to reach out!

    Forrest Smith
    Chief Marketing Officer


    The Imajize app is simply amazing for 360 views. The features, ease of use, and support if you need it are second to none. Having tried a few others before finding Imajize I will tell you nothing even comes close. If you need help along the way or have questions about anything they know their stuff and are always there to help.


    This app is the best 360 spin app I have seen. Should you run into any issues the support is amazing. I would recommend this to anyone looking to highlight there products.

    Chris Phillips
    Greenhorn Aggregates


    Imajize has been a great interaction experience and a very positive outcome for our business. The service from Michael and the product use have been nothing less than professional and meets my expectations as a business owner and a customer. He performed the shot of our Bulldog Soap bar product and held my hand throughout the entire process to confirm that this method is indeed simple, accurate and without compromise. It produced a great end user experience for my online customers to enjoy. - Sculpturesoap.com


    Imajize's 360 viewer is awesome... it's been great at helping my customers see what they buy before they buy it. This helps with reducing our returns and thus, Imajize has become an integral part of our business. Worth every penny!


    We love the imajize and when you are selling detailed products online it is mandatory since the customer needs to view the whole product (360) and zoom in for all the details. Our petroglyph surfer on our handcrafted bamboo earstems can't be viewed any other way. Go for it!


    Imajize is simply the easiest and most effective way to show off a full 360 view of your products. If your not using 360 imaging you should be, if you are using 360 product imaging use imajize for quick and easy loading and to give your customers the best user experience.


    You should be using this app. The app is great, and the Imajize team is incredible.
    I was looking around for a 360 image solution for Shopify and was lucky enough to setup with Imajize. The app itself is very easy to install and use, and the 360 images are a great addition to my site. But more than that, the Imajize team is very helpful, easy to work with, and flexible. When I first installed the app I had a few questions and the Imajize support team was quick to respond. As I got further into the installation I came across a few requirements that Imajize did cover – I thought that I was sunk. But the support team made the needed changes, and in 2 days I was completely up and running. Incredible service!


    Imajizes' technology has helped us increase our sales and eliminate 80% of our potential customers questions which greatly reduced our call volume. Their customer support team has been great to work with. I would highly recommend their services." Trevor Orrick, VP of Sales and Marketing. Solveitstore.com


    Imajize starts at just $75/month billed annually, or $100/month billed month to month. For new businesses we have a generous referral program with monthly recurring discounts. We also have predictable storage and bandwidth options for large enterprises with unusually heavy storage and bandwidth needs.

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