Live Shopping Chat and Video

Live Shopping Chat and Video

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The live commerce platform

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Shoppable Live Chat

Chat reimagined! Increase conversions and decrease returns with the best live chat app made for selling.

Live Video Shopping

Elevate your online experience and give customers the in-store treatment with shoppable live video.

Outbound Clienteling

Full clienteling with customer engagement tracking including SMS messaging, scheduled calls, and tracked sales in one dashboard.

Über Live Shopping Chat and Video

Immerss is a first-of-its-kind truly shoppable live video and chat platform that enables Shopify merchants of all sizes to seamlessly connect directly with their online customers. Merchants using Immerss enjoy unrivaled customer engagement and see measurable results in conversions, AOVs, and returns.

The Immerss app leverages 1-to-1 live commerce in three ways: shoppable chat, live video co-shopping, and outbound clienteling. Here is how all three features work.

Shoppable Chat

The Immerss “Shop Live” widget is branded to your colors and placed on your website. When a shopper clicks the widget, they are connected with an associate in chat. No download is required for the customer and the merchant utilizes the customized Immerss app, which rings when a customer request is made.

By integrating via Shopify, associates can see what items the customer has viewed before starting the chat session to better guide their shopping journey. Merchants enhance the customer’s shopping journey by answering questions, suggesting products, and adding items to their cart or wish list.

If an associate is unavailable, the customer can leave their information, and the merchant can follow up through the app later. All sales activity is tracked and reported back to the brand.

Live Video Co-Shopping

By adding the immersive live video feature, customers are able to select a live video call after clicking the “Shop Live” widget or easily switch to video during a chat session.

Live video enables merchants to shop face-to-face with online customers and provide an elevated level of service. This virtual in-store experience is a more efficient way to communicate with customers and converts sales at a higher rate.

Like chat, associates can see what items the customer has viewed and seamlessly suggest items through the integrated product catalog. All sales and engagements are tracked and can be accessed in real-time in their dynamic dashboard.

Outbound Clienteling

The app can also be used as a clienteling tool for merchants. This feature enables merchants to contact their customers via SMS messaging, share new products, or schedule a 1-to-1 call.

A direct link specific to each merchant user and customer is included to allow for seamless and consistent communication between the two parties. The Immerss app takes clienteling to the next level.

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Immersive Chat


oder $45/Monat abgerechnet zu $540 einmal pro Jahr

  • Immersive chat
  • Integrated catalog
  • Sales tracking
  • Contact management
  • Product gallery
  • Consumer survey

Chat & Video


oder $80/Monat abgerechnet zu $960 einmal pro Jahr

  • Plus...
  • Immersive video
  • Dashboard statistics
  • Private calls
  • Chat history recordings
  • Customized widget controls

Full Clienteling


oder $110/Monat abgerechnet zu $1,320 einmal pro Jahr

  • Plus...
  • Direct call
  • SMS messaging
  • Call routing
  • Role management
  • Custom onboarding (10+)
  • Account manager (10+)
  • 24-Hr response guaranty (10+)

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DanceWear Corner

Exactly what we were looking for. Easy installation and excellent support. This will give us next level Live Chat and we are really looking forward to the one on one live video functionality.

So excited to have found this app to do live events and chat with my clients in a consultative way with video. So easy to install and the support was excellent. The features are elegant and classy and I know my online experience will match my in store one.

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20. September 2021

Thank you so much! We look forward to working closely with your team to track your ROI and assure both your team members and your customers have the best day-to-day experience.