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29. februar 2016

You cannot transalte the close button to other languajes, and when you ask for solutions to the developers of this app they dont have any, they just tell you that you cannot transate it. So basically it is only usefull for english sites.

Cirka 2 år bruger appen
9. maj 2018

Not having a good support. Asking how to resize my own store pop up form, they tell me can't changed the whole 70.000 other forms only for my benefit. Not solving problem, can't resize the size of the pop up form.

Holland (Nederlandene)
9 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 4. januar 2019

This is an okay app until you need customer service.

A quick and poor response from Dan.

Full review: The contact form is easy to use and setup. The app starts at free and we were able to use this tier despite having a pretty good number of contacts per week. The app threads email in Gmail as one thread despite the unique number assigned to each case. I brought this issue to Dan (the owner and dev) after it was brought to me by the customer service team. Dan's first reply was extremely short and unhelpful. As I pushed further Dan was slightly kinder still disregarding the issue as not an issue saying it was Google's fault.

SKINourishment, Inc.
4 måneder bruger appen
11. august 2014

Worked very well until it didn't. Won't forward the messages any more, I have to visit the app to access them. No good.

Powerocks - Get Charged Up!
Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 20. april 2017

No ability to upload files.
Cannot popup shows up layered "under" theme nav bar making it hard to read.
Cannot control placement of popup form.
Far too much branding for 3rd party apps - it's everywhere.

Got a reply from the app developer:
My app has no branding on your site whatsoever. The popup only appeared "under" your nav bar because your theme says the nav should be on top of everything else on the page even popups. Your theme is in charge of what your site looks like, as it should, right? I could have helped you tweak it to fix that in seconds if you had asked."

We replied:
Hi Dan,
Appreciate you reaching out. With all due respect busy guys like me go for the simple installs which don't require tweaking or help from support vendors (some of which do not reply right away). If the app doesn't work out the gate or offer help or instructions or ability to customize it to better suit our needs we prefer to opt out. My apologies if I overlooked any information that referenced this but as far as I know it wasn't available.
I only had the form installed for few moments and already had one customer use it who would have seen the 3rd party banner ads. Here is a screen grab of actual email received from the form after having it installed for only a few minutes and what customer would have seen with out reply. You can clearly see top banner ad for "Improved Contact Form" and below the text ad "Are competitors clicking your ads? Find out with Improvely, from the creators of ICF. Improvely helps you make more sales while protecting your ads from click fraud. " With "tracking code" link to Improvely. Then there was a banner below about Tracking Ads with 2 tracking link. You will see from the screen capture below. I realize you don't get something for free and the app obviously is supported by people clicking your ads. I'm sorry but this app just isn't what we are looking for.

The developer seems to be upset over the 1 star so I upped it to 2. They are obviously looking to improve the app which is a good thing.

Nodal Ninja
42 minutter bruger appen