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22 juillet 2016

Really great app even if would be nice to have a little bit more control over where to put it on the screen and not only bottom left or right.But it's free and works perfectly

Artecita Tee Tote Sweat
Environ 8 ans d’utilisation de l’application
2 juin 2016

With some custom code and this contact form looks great!

Environ 5 ans d’utilisation de l’application
16 avril 2017

this one is OK. I wish it was possible to translate EVERYTHING.

Protein Se
Plus de 4 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Modifié le 16 janvier 2023

We used you app to collect names and hopefully chat. It would be nice to get back to them via the "same channel"** to respond to enquiries.

**Contact Form

Urban Gears Unlimited
Plus de 4 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Awio a répondu 3 novembre 2022

We're happy to have provided your website with a free contact form for the past 5 years. You are already able to reply to contact form messages the same way they come in, by replying to the email. We've asked you for clarification on your feedback and rating but you have not provided it.

2 décembre 2016

Simple! just what I was looking for!

Presque 4 ans d’utilisation de l’application
29 août 2018

Seems to be working most of the time... but lately I've had a whole bunch of people contact me on facebook saying they were unable to find my contact information... despite this app being set to show at the bottom of every page, always. Hmmm? Strange! Works on all of my devices anyway!

Presque 4 ans d’utilisation de l’application
1 août 2015

The basic functionality works fine. Not a whole lot of customization built into it, but quite functional.

We found the popup contact form looks and works great on a large screen, but decided to opt to not use it as it doesn't work well on a small screen. In fact on an iPhone, it is essentially unusable.

Having said that, though, the basic contact page scales nicely on a small screen and is quite usable.

And the app is free, which is a big plus...

Gingersnaps Kids
Presque 3 ans d’utilisation de l’application
20 mars 2017

Very nice app. I've been using it for a while and it's a very easy way for prospective customers to contact me with questions.

Unfortunately, the only thing that's keeping me from giving it 5 stars is there doesn't seem to be a way of customizing the "built-in anti-spam protection." I frequently get "questions" from spammers trying to sell me their own services, and if there's a way to block them, I can't find it.

Flotsam From Michigan
Plus de 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
3 février 2014

It's pretty good for a free app but on mobile it gets a little wonky.

Stript Lax
Presque 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
19 mars 2017

Nice app, easy to install, delivers its functionality well. We are using Improved Contact Form app in our ecommerce store and so far we have had a good experience with it. What we don't like is that by default it uses "Improved Contact Form" as the Customer name instead of the actual customer name, and as a result we have to edit each of the emails separately.

ANB Mart Online Shopping Australia - www.anbmart.com.au

Plus d'un an d’utilisation de l’application