In‑Cart Shipping Rates

In‑Cart Shipping Rates


Shipping rates estimate right in the shopping cart

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Cart Shipping Rates Calculator

Shipping rates can be tricky. The in-cart shipping calculator lets you estimate shipping rates for all your orders before checkout.

Install and Forget

Simple install and requires no configuration and zero maintenance. It will automatically calculate shipping rates in the cart page.

Auto Populated Shipping Rates

Our IP Geolocation feature automatically calculates shipping for international and domestic orders so your customers can order with ease.

In‑Cart Shipping Rates 정보

In-Cart Shipping Rates displays shipping costs to your customers in the shopping cart. It makes your customers feel more confident about the checkout process and increases the usability of your store.

Shipping Estimate Rates In Cart

We all know the feeling of not being able to find a shipping cost before we've checked out - and then seeing a price that's too high! With In-Cart Shipping Rates, customers will never have to worry about this again. With IP geolocation, we'll display shipping rates as soon as they start shopping. This will make sure they can make an informed decision before checking out.

View Shipping Rates Before Checkout

Buyers are often unsure how much shipping will cost until they reach the cart page, where they can either re-enter their addresses or enter them again to get an exact price. With our pre-calculator, you can provide your buyers with an estimate even before they visit the checkout page.

Shipping Estimate Rates Based on IP Geolocation

IP geolocation is a process of determining the geographical location of an internet user through their internet protocol address. This information can be used to provide specific regional or local content, to suggest languages or currency, or to detect fraud.

On the Fly Shipping Location Update with Autosuggestion

How about when you want shipping rate estimates other than from your current IP location? No problem! Simply update the location and get the real-time shipping rates on the fly!

Supports Free Shipping

Shipping rates are calculated for each item in the customer's shopping cart and displayed on the cart page. If your store offers free shipping to certain regions, our app will promote this by displaying "FREE SHIPPING!" under the item price right on the cart page. Customers in non-free shipping locations don't see this promotion.

Main Features:

  • Easy and quick Installation
  • Display shipping rates on the cart page using IP-based geolocation
  • Shopper can change shipping destination via text input
  • Display separate summary section for the shipping rates

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  • View shipping rates before checkout
  • Rates based on IP geolocation
  • On the fly shipping location update with auto-complete
  • Google Map support

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