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they charge me for an app that doesn't even work properly. they want me to pay a developer to fix their broken app.

after being a customer for 2 years, their app breaks, blames my site when it was untouched, and then wanted me to pay a developer to fix the code that is causing their to not work. on a free shopify theme.

Aqua Pura Bracelets
In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2022年10月13日

Hello to our friends at Aqua Pura Bracelets

Thank you very much for leaving us this feedback. This is Pushpesh, the Customer Success Manager with In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell.

I want to extend my sincerest apologies for the negative experience that you had with In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell app. We are bummed to hear that the app did not work perfectly on your store. As communicated over the email, we did thorough testing and our developers were able to confirm that the issue is not emanating from our app. We also sent you a screenshot that you can send over to the theme developers to further troubleshoot the issue. We are not asking you to hire external developers, but rather asking you to reach out to the developer of your theme who we think is the best person to look into the issue. Please be assured that we are 100% committed to providing you with exceptional service.

We do offer 24-hr live chat support, Monday through Friday. Please reach out to us via the live chat feature in the app and we will reply to you within minutes to resolve any issues you might be facing. We also love to offer complimentary live screen-share calls to all our valued clients where we can help resolve the issues.

Pushpesh & the In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell Support Team


UPDATE 10/26/21: Had to change from 4 to 1 star. The bug we reported earlier was not totally resolved and our upsell offers display as a glitched mess 50%-70% of the time in our customer carts. We've now been working to have this resolved for two months with no fix in sight. Every week support asks me to see if the problem has been fixed, and every week I spend 5-10 minutes testing and then reporting that nothing has changed. At this point I don't believe they are updating code, but rather just pushing a "refresh button" within the app that is supposed to resolve this seemingly common glitch. I do know our friends who referred us to this app run into this bug periodically, but have had less issues resolving it. This is not helping sales, but quite the contrary. If it isn't solved within the week, we're going to look for another solution. INITIAL REVIEW: This app is still fairly new to our shop, but overall we're happy with it. We had a bug with our cart, but customer support was all over it and worked to resolve it quickly. If we can see that the app is doing a solid job increasing our average order value we'll update to 5-stars.

Westside Love
In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2021年10月5日

Hello, friends at Westside Love

Thank you so much for this review. We really appreciate you being a customer. We’re here for you anytime.

-Jevon & The In Cart Upsell Support Team


Unresponsive support. Emailed a few times, and just stopped hearing back despite repeated follow ups. I cannot trust an app in my store that has unresponsive support, and I don't recommend anyone else does either.

In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2021年8月8日

Hey Karity, Jevon here, Operations Manager at In Cart Upsell.

I want to extend my sincerest apologies for the negative experience that you had with our customer service. I understand your frustration of not having properly communicated by the team on the issue and for that, I want to apologize.

Our team is already working on your issue. They are trying to get it fixed at the earliest and also need to make some changes in your theme for that waiting for your confirmation. I want to get that clear for you as soon as possible.

At In Cart Upsell, we pride ourselves on giving our 100% every day to ensure that our customers’ needs are met. We do our best to guide each of our representatives on how to properly handle our customers’ issues. Your concern was not handled properly, and we are going to take steps to ensure that this situation does not repeat itself. I want to thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We are always looking for ways to better our service, and your feedback is a valuable part of that process.

Jevon & In Cart Upsell Support Team


Not good app. when i want to remove it and asked for help from developer to remove code from my theme, he said manage it yourself. i cleraly informed i am not a developer while downloading the app - at that time you said you will help but now wont since the app is not working for me.

In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2021年8月6日

Hey Belora, Tanveer this side, Customer Success Manager.

Thanks for raising your concern. And I want to apologize for the confusion that happens here.

I wanted to clarify we are not injecting any of our code into Shopify themes. So, I would really want to help you out if I know the cause of your dissatisfaction.

I want to apologize for the experience that you faced while using the app. This issue has never happened before with any of our clients.

we will be happy to have a screen-sharing call with you and walk you through everything in detail if you are still facing any issues.

Again, we are so sorry about what happened here (it is not normal with our app). We work SUPER hard to make sure every merchant who uses our app has an A+ experience.

Tanveer & In Cart Upsell Support Team


I installed this app on my Shopify store. You can display offers with triggers but there is also the option 'broad' which means no trigger. If this one is enabled, all the rest triggers stop working. I contacted support many times and they do not respond to me for 3 weeks already. Very disapointed.

Blitz™ Covers
In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2021年7月14日

Hello, Blitz (TM) Thank you for your feedback. We DEFINITELY want to get it right for you 100%, and this type of issue is very rare for our app.

We fully understand your frustration with this rare issue and can assure you that we are working to resolve this quickly. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you.

We do our best to increase the service quality of our app and services on a daily basis and look forward to reaching a resolution very soon. Please check your email for updates. We are working hard to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Here to help, and very sorry you experienced this.

Tanveer(Customer Success Manager) & The In Cart Upsell Team


5/19/21 - App is still not working. It does respond to the vendor based rules. Such a disappointment. This app stopped working correctly after testing their new Ai Autosuggest. I emailed support several days ago to let them know the app was no longer responding to the vendor based rules. They have not corrected the errors and they have stopped responding to emails.

Whiskey N Biscuits
In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2021年5月17日

Hi Whiskey N Biscuits,

We fully understand the frustration for the lack of communication over the weekends. The issue had actually been resolved, All previously disabled features were enabled and all offers are working as expected. Check your email for the latest updates on this issue.

Benedict & In Cart Upsell team


Keep having issues with the analytics. Customer support states that they are working on "updates". This has been going on for 3ish months, still not fixed. Reached out multiple times and literally got the same response each time as if their response was copy and pasted. Not happy with the support team.

In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2021年5月24日

Hello PhatMuscleProject,

We are really sad to see that our app didn't live up to your expectations. We understand the frustration and are sorry for the inconveniences this caused you. The issue has since been solved and will be happy to have you back as our customer. We do our best to increase the service quality of our app and services on a daily basis and hope to give our customers the best we can.

Benedict and the In Cart Upsell team


VERY EXPENSIVE FOR JUST ONE UPSELL. They do not have other options in terms of display popup.
Their automatic setup is completely TRASH. Never worked and I do not know how to do it manually. So just setting up a popup every time have to contact their support team?

In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2021年2月24日

We have gathered some information and it seems that this review is suspected to be foul play by our competitors. The store has been posting negative reviews of similar nature in other apps within Shopify, and possibly under a different store name previously.
We have contacted Shopify support to report on the possible abuse of the review system by the store.
In Cart Upsell's support team is available 24/7 to assist our users with any issues faced, please let write in to us through - and we will gladly assist you with the setup or anything else!


sorry about the bad review, but after the update it doesent work in our Shop. The Offers are not shown anymore. The support is great, fast and very friendly, but the app didnt work (for us), we deinstalled it now :-(

In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2020年12月18日

Hello to our friends from PicArt

Thanks for leaving this awesome review! We appreciate your support, don't hesitate to reach out to us with any more queries you may have :-)

-Melissa & the In Cart Upsell Support Team


DONT PURCHASE THIS APP. Their Customer Support was supposed to fix our cart load speed manually as the app was slowing it down and crushing our cart page so that people weren't able to checkout. They assured us that they will install javascript manually which will help it. After their manual "fix" we lost over $4000 in revenue in a few hours!!!

BeautifulEarth Boutique
In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2020年9月30日

Hello! Thanks for this review. We DEFINITELY want to get it right for you 100%, and this type of issue is very rare for our app.

Our dev team has been emailing you to make sure to get this cleaned up for you, whatever it takes. Can you let us know how things are looking now? I really appreciate it!

Here to help, and very sorry you experienced this.

Sean (Ops Guru) & The In Cart Upsell Team