Back In Stock Low Stock Alert

Back In Stock Low Stock Alert

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Back In Stock, Multi Location Out of Stock Alert by E-mail

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Back In Stock Alert

Notifying your customers for product availability by sending email and bringing them back to increase sales.

Low Stock Alert

Notify yourself by email when products are in low stock or out of stock. Set your product low stock threshold and get email for that.

Easy & Automated Process

Very easy to integrate this app without affecting your theme UI. In & Out Stock alert processes are automated and get email instantly.

Su Back In Stock Low Stock Alert

Low Stock & In Stock Alert - Stock Notifier , Multi Location Low Stock Alert to merchants & Back In Stock alert to Customers

We are glad to offer this app to merchants for their Low Stock Inventory alert and also bring shoppers back to the store by providing Back In Stock notification. By following very easy integration steps you will be ready to automate Low Stock notification alerts and bring your lost sales.

Why will you choose us?

  • Easy and quick app setup & configuration.
  • Huge experience working with Shopify Stores.
  • Quick support

Key Feature

  • Location wise product inventory alert
  • Send notification via Email
  • Set up alerts in few seconds wia easy configuration steps
  • Set stock threshold level to trigger alert
  • Automatically send back in stock alert to customers when a product is restocked

Happy to know your Feedback

If you think our app needs some improvement we are happy to listen to your suggestions. Please share your suggestions to our team and we will be happy to support you.

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