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2 de noviembre de 2022

Very disappointing: I installed this app after Shopify notified me that they no longer supported my previous (shopify supported) app for chats. But this app only functions in one language, hopeless for all those gazillions of websites that are multi-language. My translation app (previously recommended by Shopify) cannot intervene as Shopify Inbox is a widget that seems to be loaded onto the page via an iFrame, meaning that the content is stored somewhere else and just loaded in. Sadly, Langify cannot access this type of content. Shopify's answer is to recommend 6 other translations apps. Perhaps they'd like to pay for someone to do the back office work necessary to load up all the translations again!

6 días usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 19 de diciembre de 2022

Hi Beverly, thank you for writing your review. I can understand your frustration with the limited language translation options within Shopify Inbox and we appreciate you taking the time to detail the experience you've had with the app when trying to add more languages. Our development team welcome feedback for Shopify Inbox as it helps us decide how to improve the app moving forward and I will be sure to pass your comments on to them. -Victor, Shopify Support

13 de septiembre de 2020

Doesn't appear to be any way to set availability on IOS either, and that is very frustrating. Customers are reaching out at all times of the night we are not able to answer at those times.

Conscious Ink
Estados Unidos
5 días usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 21 de septiembre de 2020

Hello Conscious Ink, thank you so much for your feedback!

On IOS, you can set chat availability in your app settings, but the Android version does not have this feature yet. We are working on adding more options and features in the near future, so definitely keep your app up to date!

Feel free to reach out to our team if you need anything or if you have further feedback. You can reach us directly at Thank you!

Hope that helps.

Best regards,
Veronica N.
Kit and Ping Support

17 de mayo de 2021

We had the chat installed, but it has the following problem: you open the chat, type your message. Then you are asked for your email. If you have entered the email, you have to type the chat message again. That's anoying for the customer.

Punkt & Strich
3 días usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 4 de agosto de 2020

Shopify, please get rid of the "Leave a number and we'll text you back as soon as we're available (an email address works too)." It's constantly showing, even when the store owner is not 'away'. It signifies to the customer that we're unavailable when we are.

Also, consider putting an end chat feature on the store owners end, automatic options and also button controlled. So the customer knows the chat's ended when it has. On the customers screen it seems like continuous messaging, but on the shop owners screen, its a different visitor and a whole new chat.

Please look into these, your almost there.

Alrededor de 19 horas usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 11 de septiembre de 2020


Thank you so much for your feedback!

Since Shopify Chat is a live chat feature, and we know our merchants are often busy and cannot get to visitor conversations immediately at all times, we wanted to provide a way for visitors to leave some information so that you, the merchant, can continue the conversation at your convenience and potentially capture that sale. However, you make a great point that it could potentially signify to the visitor that you're not available and is definitely something I will bring forward to the team.

We're always looking for ways to build upon and improve our product, so this feedback is really appreciated.

I'm going to reach out to you personally over email to get some more of your thoughts on what you'd like to see moving forward.

Take care,
Ellis from Ping and Kit Support.

Fecha de modificación: 16 de agosto de 2019

If you aren't always ready to respond in seconds, this will only be a source of frustration on both ends. Customer doesn't know if you're typing a response, but more importantly you can't reach them if they close the page.

I also tested on a separate iPhone, as if I were a customer. I initiated a chat, which took up 95% of my viewport. Then I minimized it so I could continue browsing. The shop owner (me on another iPhone) replied, but there was no way for me to know that unless I manually expanded the chat bubble again. According to Shopify, "Customers using Safari on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac will see Apple Business Chat. All others will see Shopify Chat." ...I've had an iPhone since they were first released in 2007 and I have no idea what 'Apple Business Chat' is--but regardless nothing special happened. The chat looked exactly the same as it did on my PC.

The option to capture an email could save this app for me. I don't have a customer service team always ready to respond in an instant. I'm a guy with a life and it might take me a few minutes.

Best Maps Ever
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 1 hora usando la aplicación
5 de enero de 2021

If you use iOS, this app is great! If not, move on. I was excited to use this app because it integrates so well with the rest of Shopify, however many of the features are only available if you are using the iOS app (availability hours, saved replies, link to products and discounts, etc). Desktop and Android only give you access to the basic chat without the ability to edit any of the settings or more advanced chat options. Hopefully they update the desktop interface to include the ability to manage settings and full chat options, because everything else about it looked really promising and easy to use. Installation was very easy, the only issue is that the chat button is enabled automatically before you've customized any settings. It's easy to disable so just be aware to do that if you are not ready to start customer chats right away.

Estados Unidos
42 minutos usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 1 de febrero de 2021

Hello Socksmith, thank you for the honest feedback and detailed review!

While we don't currently have all the features available across all platforms, our Developers are working on releasing iOS features across all Shopify Ping platforms (iOS, Android and Web) later this year. I hope that once all features are available on Android, you'll give Shopify Chat another try! Feel free to update your review once you give Shopify Chat another chance.

If you have any other feedback or questions, please do get in touch with our team at

Thanks again!

Ruby C.

Senior Support Specialist - Ping

23 de septiembre de 2021

Doesn't allow you to delete the FAQ: "can I get an update on my order status". Since I couldn't delete it, I just turned it off. So not using the chat feature within the store. I would use it if they allowed us to delete that. I know many others have asked for that.

Kroose Tart
Estados Unidos
39 minutos usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 4 de octubre de 2021

Hey, there. Thank you for taking the time to leave this review. We appreciate you providing us with his feedback and I can certainly see the potential benefit in your idea. I can certainly see the potential benefit in removing this status message. There is currently no way to remove this message, however, I would be happy to send your feedback up to our developers for future consideration.
Thank's again!. -Marty, Shopify Support

Fecha de modificación: 10 de junio de 2020

Unfortunately had to disable the app because it's lacking a couple of standard features in comparison to other visitor chat apps. Also, as Ping for Android took a while, would have expected at the very least, it would have the same features as the IOS verison. For now it doesn't - one example, can't set availability hours.

NNEYAH Cards & Gifts
37 minutos usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 16 de junio de 2020

Hi NNEYAH Cards & Gifts.

Thank you for that feedback.

There are some features that were not added in the initial first version of Shopify Ping for Android that we intend to incorporate in future updates. Features that are integrated into the iOS version of Ping such as sharing product pages, draft orders, discount codes, as well as working with Kit, will be added in the future as we build upon Ping for Android.
Due to the rapidly changing e-commerce landscape we wanted to get what free tools we had available in the hands of our merchants as quickly as we could, which is why some features were omitted. 

If you have any questions or additional feedback as to what you’d like to see in Shopify Chat on Android moving forward, please feel free to reach out to our team directly at

19 de noviembre de 2022

La App è fatta molto bene ma non è possibile una funzione essenziale: disabilitare la visualizzazione e nascondere il modulo pre-chat dove vengono richiesti il nome, cognome ed email del visitatore.

Grimandi calzature
27 minutos usando la aplicación
30 de julio de 2020

Seemed like a good idea to download the app, runs smoothly on a desktop but cant send messages using an iPhone and cant minimise the chat to allow customers to continue shopping

House of Flora
Reino Unido
23 minutos usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 11 de septiembre de 2020

Hi House of Flora,

Thank you for your feedback! I'm going to reach out to you personally over email to see if we can troubleshoot the issue you were having with the chat not minimizing.

Shopify Chat, when viewed on a mobile device, should have an option to be minimized. However, on some occasions we've seen other apps move Shopify Chat's button up slightly, pushing the minimize option off screen.

Take care and talk soon,
Ellis from Ping and Kit Support