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11 juli 2022

Es una aplicación muy completa, estoy tratando de conectarla con instagram para que todo sea mas rapido. Muy buena.

Las Chavas
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20 augustus 2022

muito rápido e prático, obrigado pela atenção ok ok muito rápido e prático, obrigado pela atenção ok ok

Awesome Life Shop
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20 april 2024


Nail beauty supply store
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20 april 2024

Great app, I love it

Catholics Online Shop
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20 april 2024

Great experience with this app

Dhampur Green
20 april 2024

Easy to install and use.

Whimsy Custom Gifts
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Bewerkt 20 maart 2022

The Shopify Inbox allows me an easy way to keep in touch with my customers. I am so glad that I included it in my Shopify store.

R Goss Sports Empire
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 18 februari 2022

Thanks so much for your review, your feedback is greatly appreciated. -Ivy, Shopify Support

22 juni 2022

Excelente, me gusta mucho la manera en que puedo comunicarme más fácilmente con mis clientes, y que sea un intermediario para lograrlo por todos los medios.

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Bewerkt 24 januari 2023

UPDATE: Is there a way to block the spammers from Nigeria? I've had 4 in four days... seems that telling them to F*** OFF and GO AWAY and TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST doesn't work on them!!!!

I'm not going to hit you with lower stars, because it does do what it's supposed to do... It's an AWESOME app... the customers love it. And I like the way it can come into my cell phone and I can respond quickly and personally. The customers rave over that.

The ONLY thing is that we do own two Shopify Stores and we can't figure out how to have both of them come in to my phone. While my son runs the other store, it's *me* the customers are used to dealing with - so I want to be the one answering the questions.

The glory of this app is NOT having to go log in to see if anything is there a few times a day - so this not being able to have multiple stores come in to the app is a problem.

IF you add the multiple stores, please make sure that we can see where the message is coming from when the customer sends one.

THanks so much.
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5 maanden gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 1 maart 2023

Hello, there. Thank you for sharing your review with us. I understand you have some problem customers you are looking to block from your Shopify Inbox. Our latest update includes the option to block certain users and conversations. In a problematic chat box, simply click on the exclamation point in the top right-hand corner.

As for using the app with two different stores, they can easily be switched between via the Shopify Mobile app. If using this method, you can view the messages related to each store in your Apps > Shopify Inbox section. If I am missing a particular pain point here, please feel free to elaborate on it so we can include your feedback for consideration. Connect with us via this direct link: -Olivia, Shopify Support

16 februari 2022

nice app, makes communication between customer and seller much more convenient. Previously, i use manychat. But this is more fromal and more suitable for bussiness.

Hongkong SAR van China
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