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Buena experiencia. Se nota que está hecha para una buena comunicación con el cliente/potencial cliente. Lo único que no encuentro aun es cómo archivar una conversación una vez que ha sido resuelta, pero estoy seguro que no he buscado bien.

Vuelvo al Sur
使用應用程式 24天

I never get to know when someone pings on the chat. Make it work like messsenger on the cell phone and desktop. Im the only one handling the webpage and would like better and louder notifications

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Shopify 已回覆 2021年3月29日

Hello FudgyLove, thanks for leaving feedback!

I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with hearing notifications from your device and desktop. On Android, it is possible to set a ringtone and increase/lower the volume for each individual app. iOS devices do not have control over individual app notifications. When using the desktop version of Ping - each browser can be muted or un-muted to allow for audio. I will follow up with a email to ensure that we get your notification issue sorted out. I'll be in touch!

Kind regards,

Ruby C.

Senior Support Specialist - Ping


this inbox feature is good by mobile app of shopify inbox is not working kindly check your mobile app

使用應用程式 10個月
Shopify 已回覆 2022年9月19日

Thank you for getting in touch and writing your review, and I am glad to hear that you've found Shopify Inbox to be useful so far. In terms of the issue you're having, I would recommend contacting our support team directly so we can look into this for you: -Victor, Shopify Support


I would like Shopify Chat to be able to present my photograph and show my name the same way as Drift does it. So that the conversation is more personal.
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Shopify 已回覆 2020年10月13日

Hello, thank you very much for your feedback and review! I like the idea of personalizing the chat app, however something to note, the Shopify Chat app is already on your website, so it is definitely showing your brand, but just not your personal name.

I'll put that idea to our product developers, along with the ability to share photos and images. Thank you very much!

All the best success,
Veronica N.
Ping Support


This is a good idea, but as someone who has 4 stores, it's impossible to use this. I need to be able to access all from same place.

Urban Kit Supply
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The app is nice and easy to set up, it's simplistic in its use and so far I've had no issues. So I think it deserves 5 stars

Art Therapy Online Courses
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was noch schön wäre, wenn die Kunden über diese Funktion noch Bilder schicken könnte. Ansonsten bin ich sehr zufrieden mit der App.

Goldschmiede Hecken
使用應用程式 24天

This app rarely works. I will get it working for a few days and then it quits sending replies. I don't have time to keep trying to figure out how to get it work correctly. Going back to Messenger.

B&C Unique Boutique
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Shopify 已回覆 2021年11月17日

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to leave this review and share your feedback. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with Shopify Inbox. I would recommend reinstalling the app to see if you are still having similar issues. If you are, I would then recommend reaching out to our live support so we can take a closer look into these issues with you. To get in touch with our Support team, visit the Shopify Help Center ( and log into your account to create a support request. Thanks! Marty, Shopify Support


Facile à utiliser et à personnaliser. L'application mobile fonctionne également très bien. Et gratuite ! Franchement géniale.

Un Lieu de Lumière - cours à distance en ligne de soins énergétiques
使用應用程式 23天

It's insane that we spent all that time not knowing about this app. It can't get better. Thank you Shopify

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