Incentivise Loyalty & Rewards

Incentivise Loyalty & Rewards


Build customer loyalty with a custom cash-back rewards program

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Reward customers with cash

Forget discounts. Give your customers what they really want: cash rewards to spend in your store.

Easy loyalty programs

Create a unique loyalty program for your customers. Set point award and redemption values or create tiered rewards.

Bonus offers

Promote key products and collections with bonus points instead of discounts. Drive conversion without sacrificing your margins.

关于 Incentivise Loyalty & Rewards

Start your 60 day, fully-featured free trial of Incentivise!

Loyal customers buy more

Customers buy more from the stores and brands whose loyalty programs they belong to.

Because selling to an existing customer is up to more likely than to a new visitor, you need to entice your customers to come back to visit, often.

More gifts. More rewards. More loyalty.

Convert your customers in to loyal, repeat buyers with Incentivise.

Customers are awarded points for each purchase they make which can in turn be redeemed for cash on their reward card. You determine how many points they get and how many are needed for rewards!

Sell gift cards, even on Shopify Basic*

Incentivise brings gift card sales and rewards to all merchants, even those on Shopify Basic. Let your customers give the gift of YOU and retain those new arrivals with your custom loyalty rewards.

Bonus offers and promotions

Incentivise bonus offers let you add fixed point bonuses or multipliers on products and collections. Now you can promote key items without relying on margin reducing discounts. Share your bonus offers in your newsletters and keep your loyal customers returning.

Are you a developer or agency?

Incentivise is always FREE for stores on the Affiliate or Shopify Business plans!

All plans include:

  • Standard & custom loyalty program
  • Loyalty bonus offers & exclusions
  • Gift card activation, balance inquiry, balance adjustment, disable
  • Send gift cards by email
  • Customer award & redemption history
  • Customer manual points awards

*Shopify Basic does not include the use of gift cards during checkout. For these stores Incentivise simulates the behavior using a dynamically adjusted discount code that is reduced by the used amount immediately after use. Merchants with the Shopify plan or greater get fully featured regular gift cards and reward cards which can be stacked with discounts during checkout.






定价 60 天免费试用




$0.25 additional gift cards

  • Includes 5 gift card activations per month
  • Includes up to 100 customers



$0.25 additional gift cards, $0.05/month additional loyalty customers

  • Includes 25 gift card activations per month
  • Includes up to 500 customers



$0.25 additional gift cards, $0.05/month additional loyalty customers

  • Includes 100 gift card activations per month
  • Includes up to 2500customers



$0.25 additional gift cards, $0.05/month additional loyalty customers

  • Includes 500 gift card activations per month
  • Includes up to 10000 customers

* 所有费用均以美元结算。 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

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Funky Moose Records

I've been using the app since it's been in beta after using an overly complex rewards program. This is straightforward and gives gift certificates, rather than discount codes. If you ever need support, Jonathan is a rockstar at solving any issues. Definitely recommended.