Incentivize — Cart Upsell

Incentivize — Cart Upsell


Free for BFCM. Cart upsell, cross sell and free shipping bar.

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One-click curated upsells

Tastefully suggest handpicked products, impulse buys, and AI-generated products at the moment your customers are most willing to spend more.

Free shipping bar incentive

Give customers a reason to spend more to save more with a motivational free shipping bar and dynamic pricing suggestions.


Just like your audience. Easy to use, compact, and beautifully animated for a premium look & feel that will elevate your brand.

Over Incentivize — Cart Upsell

A beautiful, mobile-first slide-out shopping cart with effective one-click recommendations, a free shipping bar incentive, and powerful analytics.

Tailored for efficiency

Sales is an art form and yet too many apps interrupt your customer’s path to checkout and overwhelm the customer with choices, leaving them unsure of what to do next and causing them to lose focus on the product they were trying to purchase in the first place. We’ve taken another route and crafted our app to allow you to quickly and artfully recommend the right products at the right time.

Recommend the right products

Easily hand-pick products that pair well with other products, dynamically suggest low-cost impulse items that bring customers over your free shipping bar minimum, or use AI recommendations to build off other customers’ order history.

Recommend at the right time

Adding a product to their cart is when a visitor first shows true intent to become a paying customer — this is the moment they are most open to additional purchases. Our slide-out cart keeps the path to checkout clear and compliments it with recommendations shown one at a time for focused, effective decision making. We then give customers a tangible reason to choose an upsell by tying it to an optional free shipping goal.

Key features

1. Hand-picked recommendations

While our AI recommendations are a good starting point, there are often times when you know exactly what goes best with what. Choose up to 4 hand-picked recommendations in our quick and efficient bulk recommendations interface that lets you create product groupings for entire collections at a time.

2. Impulse items

Just like the checkout aisle in retail stores, one of your best bets to boost your average order value is to recommend low-cost, broad-appeal items at the moment customers are most likely to spend more.

3. Dynamic free shipping bar

Give customers a reason to spend more in order to save more with our smoothly animated motivational free shipping bar. Set a free shipping bar minimum and our app will even suggest the closest impulse item that would bring them over that total.

4. Plus-level analytics

Analyze how your upselling is converting over time with Plus-level analytics that break down recommendation performance by Handpicked, Impulse item, and Automatic categories. Dive deeper into each category to see its best and worst performers so you can keep optimizing and learning what works best for your customer base and inventory.

5. Beautiful, one-tap mobile-first design

Your audiences are now primarily on mobile devices so we’ve built our app mobile-first from the ground up.

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  • FREE for Black Friday
  • Hand-picked upsells
  • AI upsells
  • Impulse items
  • Free shipping incentive
  • Advanced analytics
  • Mobile-first design

Shopify Plus


  • Hand-picked upsells
  • AI upsells
  • Impulse items
  • Free shipping incentive
  • Advanced analytics
  • Mobile-first design
  • Video support

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Support was absolutely fantastic in helping me get the custom look and style I wanted. Marcus was a really great help.

Dickson Barbeque Centre

We have been endlessly looking for a quality upsell-style app to work with our cart drawer. Most everything either doesn't look and feel professional or do not function how we want. This is a very high quality app that has instantly generated results. As well, the built-in analytics provide great insight into the performance of the app. The team at Obsidian have been tremendously helpful with any question I have asked. Very highly recommended.

Boring Friends

Looks so much more professional than my last app — highly recommend! Ryan was super friendly when I had a question.