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Auto Post by Posting.ly

Auto Post by Posting.ly

Developed by Postingly

64 reviews
Price: From $9.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • We Post Products onto your Social media on daily basis so that you don't have to.
  • Just tell us how many products you want to share on social media everyday, at what times and from which category of Products.
  • As you add new products to your Shopify store, we automatically schedules them for Posting on Social Media

Postingly is the best way to automate social media and save time from managing it on daily basis. With more time saved, you can work on the things that matters more i.e. making great products

Works with Facebook pages & Groups, Twitter Profiles, Instagram, Google+ & LinkedIn.

Here is How it Works

After you sign up, the App imports all your products with photos, description & Link. This may take between 1 to 10 minutes depending on the number of products in your Shopify Store. Then in one simple step you can set up the App. Here is how:

Create "Posting Rules" which specify as to how often do you want the App to Post Products on your social media. The rule specifies the Days, timings along with other variables.

For example, here is one Posting Rule:

"Post One Product on Facebook & Twitter from my "New Shoes" collection at 7:00 pm everyday of the week"

You can create as many rules as you want. If you want to Post 10 Products every day, just create 10 rules.

You can also modify rules to suit your needs. You can choose:

  1. Whether to Post New products first or select them at Random

  2. Post from a certain collection (Category) or Restrict Posting from a certain Category

  3. Post Products with "Photos" or Post them as a "Link"

  4. Post each SKU (variation) individually as a separate post. Like Red Color Shirt is published once and the Grey colored one later

  5. Post zero quantity items or exclude them

You can see how Posting Rules are created on our blog over here.

In addition to Auto Posting of products, details of all the features are as follows:

Product Scheduling

Sharing Products (either with Photos or as a Link) with fans couldn't be any easier. Postingly would display a whole list of all the products that are in your Shopify Store, just click the one you want to share, add its caption or copy it from suggested text (which is the description of the product on your Shopify Store) and set its time. It just takes a few seconds to schedule one product and a whole month can be scheduled like this in just minutes.

Auto Posting New Product

Postingly detects new products in your Shopify Store and schedules them for posting on Facebook and Twitter automatically. Our App is complaint to Facebook & twitter policy and works like a charm. An email is sent every time products are auto scheduled so that you can add their caption and approve its posting time.

Automatic daily Scheduling of products from your Web Store to Social media

If you have lots of products and don't have time to share them on regular basis with fans, then this is the best solution for you. You can create Posting rules like: "share one product every day at 6:00 pm" and Postingly would do that automatically for you. You can create as many rules as you want. For example, setting up this rule would save you tons of time:
"Randomly pick products from my Web Store and share them every day on Twitter & Facebook at 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm & 9:00 pm"

Curated Content

Our content section is updated regularly with interesting blogs and articles. You can also find Wall Posts with inspirational quotes that can be readily shared with fans and followers to boost engagement.

Buffer Integration

Postingly integrates with Buffer seamlessly. You can connect Google+,

You can watch this video to see how Postingly works over here.

Postingly is a completely social media management solution for Web Store owners. It would save you 15 minutes of precious time every day and boost fan engagement. Start your free trial today.

Auto Post by Posting.ly reviews

64 reviews
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I totally recommend it! The Facebook and Twitter auto posts along with the easy way to schedule the other products are a major plus! This App saves time and it creates an efficient workflow.


Amazing app. I am excited to find it. Just figuring it out how to use it.


Excellent App ! Great addition to our store ! Well worth the investment.
Increased store engagement socialy and has freed up more time to concentrate on other areas of the business.
A+++++++ WELL WORTH THE MONEY ! A+++++++++++



First off, TOP NOTCH customer service - fixes within minutes! Second, perfect way to automate social media posts of your collections - have seen a huge increase in social media driven traffic simply from installing and setting this app up. Well worth the money and I haven't found anything lacking for my basic needs.


I had been looking for something like this for a while now and this seems to do the trick for me anyway. My store has over 30,000 products and as you can imagine anytime I can automate any section of it I do if I am able.

One huge tool or shortcut that I would like to see added and this would greatly increase my ability to filter and pick and choose What Products I am pushing out.

Oh man if you could get a tool installed at the product editing / product creation and collection pages that would change the game for me.

As I go through my products tweaking each one for SEO and double checking pricing and descriptions. I like to go out to the customer side and utilize the sharing functions I have installed.

It would be awesome if I did not have to go anywhere but the product or collection pages in my back office. Vrs going to the app.

For me it is simply a function that would increase my personal ability to generate more content while I work.

As for the functions that I have been fooling around with. They seem very well put together and I feel like I have made a good decision to install this app.

Just after a few days of use I am happy with what you have here!

I do Recommend this app

Nick Lannan


Perfect App for our shop.
We are a department store so having all our different products randomly post effectively across SM channels is... TOP-TIER :D
Thanks heaps for making such a great app.
At this subscription fee I'm confident that this app will be a permanent feature of our webshop.
It is a challenge to budget the necessary and the intended together.
Apps like this deserve more than 5 star reviews. They deserve a mantle.
Thank you.


AMAZING APP. saves a lot of time posting and keeping your followers updated as well as reminding them of the old items posted online. especially if you have more than 500 items posted there, it is impossible to repost everything without technical help.

With posting.ly now you can do that.

thank you for a marvelous app and amazing support AZM


If I could give this app 20 stars, I would. The support is second to none to the point where I even know the developers by name. So SO helpful and for that I name drop these guys everywhere.

The app has automated my posting perfectly. So while I work my social media accounts are alive and kicking. My products are randomly posted and I can also choose to post whatever I want in between. You can create a schedule and optimize your posting times.

If you want to save time and engage your.social media following regularly with the added bonus of top notch friendly support.... this is for you.


Don't look any further. this is one thing you don't want to have to do. combine it with Kit and the social aspect of starting a business is looked after. Especially in the beginning when you have a million other things to tend to.


Brilliant boosted our social media presence

From $9.00 / month
14 days

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