Auto Post on Instagram, FB, TW

Auto Post on Instagram, FB, TW

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Daily Auto Post products at multiple times on your behalf.

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Auto Publishing on Daily basis

We share your Products on social media day after day so that you can focus on more important things while your fans are kept engaged :)

Custom Campaigns

Select Multiple products and create a custom campaign that suits your need. E.g. select 12 of your new Products for Posting every day

Auto Publish of New Upload

As soon as you upload products to your store, we share it across all social media channels so that your fans get to know about it instantly

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7-day free trial

No setup cost. No commission

Works with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn



Custom Campaigns Released!


Auto Post aims to automate the social media posting/publishing process. It is the easiest way to keep your social media updated with regular product posts on a daily basis. With more time saved, you can work on the things that matter more i.e. making great products.

After you sign up, the App would import all your products with photos, description & Link. This may take between 1 to 10 minutes depending on the number of products in your Shopify Store. Then you can use any of the features mentioned below to set up Auto Post on to your social feed (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn)

Daily Auto Post Campaign

The daily Auto Post selects Products automatically and posts them multiple times every day to Facebook, Instagram, etc. (post Photos of your product along with a caption).

For example, here is one Daily AutoPost Campaign:

"Select & Post One Product (photos & Caption) on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter from my "New Shoes" collection at 7:00 pm, 9 pm & 10 pm every day of the week"

You can also modify rules to suit your needs. You can choose:

  • Post from a certain collection (Category) or Restrict Posting from a certain Category
  • Post Products with "Photos" or Post them as a "Link" (for Facebook)
  • Post zero quantity items or exclude them
  • Use a different caption every time an update is published so that it does not seem like to be coming from a computer.
  • Add hashtags and associate a different caption for each Collection/Category. So when a product from a certain category is published, it goes on with its own Hashtags and personalized caption.

New Future Uploads to Publish Automatically

Auto Post App can detect when you upload new products to Shopify. You can set the App up to post all of the new Uploads automatically with different captions & hashtags.

Custom Auto Campaigns

In our latest feature release, you can specify the set of products (e.g. the ones on discount, top-selling, new arrivals, or least shared) to be shared on social media again & again with a new caption every time till a specified date.

So if you have a discount offer till next week, just specify the products and let the App post them automatically again and again for the next whole week and each time with a new Caption.

Enjoy our 7 days free trial of the Pro plan which includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

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  • Instagram

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Basic Plan


  • Connect up to One Facebook & One Twitter Profile

  • Set up 15 daily Posting times

Basic Plan


  • Unlimited Facebook & Twitter Profiles

  • Multiple Daily Posting Times

  • New Product Uploads to Shopify gets Auto Published

  • Custom Campaigns

Pro Plan


  • All Basic Plan Features

  • Instagram Auto Post

  • Multiple Captions for Daily Posting

  • Create Campaigns for Discounted / On Sale items

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD. Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

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After Register SOme one enter in my account in Samsung SM-A530F – Instagram – Jersey City, NJ, United States. I will not install it again with out know why you acess my instagram by a phone 5 minuts after i register you app

Respuesta del desarrollador

22 de octubre de 2020

Dear ClickExpress,

The moment you entered the username & password, our system logged into your account by imitating as a cellphone from new jersey. So it's not after 5 mins, its the moment you hit "Connect".

So no person logged in, it was our App. It's true for everyone who uses our App. So nobody users your username & password to log in and we just use it for Posting purposes.

We are sorry for this confusion. We would like to request you to give our App another try, you would receive such an email again with the next attempt as well but your posts would get published as scheduled.

Thanks & Regards

Image and Wear it!

I am starting on shopify, and I am choosing autopost as my marketing on facebook, twitter and instagram. One dashboard for those social profiles, thank you for all your support, your help to fix those issues I had to set up my app, I am very happy for using the app .

Gadgets 4 EZ Life

i am very impressed with the customer support. i had some issues with my account and they kindly and patiently helped me set it all up. the app is working great and It saves me lots of time.