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Streamline your warehouse, orders, inventory and shipments.


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Perfecting your inventory management is one piece of being a better ecommerce company. Infoplus integrates with the other parts of your business ecosystem to make cost-saving improvements where you need them.


You determine the way you'd like to identify items or products (bar code scanning, serial numbers, advanced naming conventions) and build a customized digital inventory management system from there.

Remove Human Error

Never mismanage your stock again. Control over your inventory kills backorders, stops delayed shipments, eliminates client service issues, and prevents missed sales.


Digitize lot control, allocation behaviors, and pick behaviors depending on what keeps your labor costs low and your efficiency high.


Know where your inventory is from when it is received to when it is picked, packed, and shipped. Enable customized notifications to keep you apprised of every move your inventory makes in real-time.


Just like your business, Infoplus is scalable. Use customizable features for a single SKU attribute or to manage multi-facility warehouse needs.

Customer Satisfaction

A more efficient process results in customers that are happier and more likely to order again. Add notifications and notes to customer profiles and orders to systematize the curation of customer satisfaction.


Infoplus is designed to support multiple channels, advanced fulfillment rules, and your unique business processes. Customize action plans in preparation for reservations, returns, and other seemingly complex scenarios.


Optimize stock levels both internally and externally with an advanced tracking, reporting, and notification system that integrates with your ecommerce shopping cart.


As you grow, order management becomes more daunting. Vendor management, cartonization, holds, order processing; with Infoplus every potential pitfall is an opportunity to optimize and analyze your systems.

Shipping Partners

Infoplus is the shipping expert so that you don't necessarily have to be. With 19 standing shipping partnerships, Infoplus ensures you are getting the most out of every order you process.

Real-Time Updates

From one intuitive interface, Infoplus gives you control over inventory, order management, shipping, and more. When an order ships you experience automatic and accurate communication between all the levels of your business.


  • UPS,
  • FedEx,
  • USPS,
  • DHL




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