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  • No manual orders - integrate and any orders will come straight to our fulfilment team.
  • No inventory - we print on-demand so you don't get stuck with stock you can't sell.
  • No effort - easy to integrate plus access to product labelling, shipping methods & more.

Automate your order fulfilment with Inkthreadable

Thousands already have - it’s simple and costs nothing

Dropshipping takes the responsibility of order fulfilment out of your hands. Integrate your store and orders will be sent straight to our fulfilment team based in the UK. We’ll handle everything from start to finish, so you’re free to focus on the things that really matter to your business - like your customers. Get to know them, make sure you’re selling what they want. Let us handle the boring stuff for you. Y’know, the inventory and equipment, the postage and packing; the logistics of getting your product to your customer.

And you won’t have to worry about the quality of your product. Our printing team has tested (and continues to test) every item on our product list to make sure the print quality meets our high standards.

The Inkthreadable team isn’t just here to get you started with order fulfilment. We’re on hand to help your store succeed, with a dedicated customer support team available online and by phone.

How does order fulfilment with Inkthreadable work?

Once you’ve linked your store to our service, any orders containing products you’d like fulfilled by Inkthreadable will be sent to us automatically. Then we’ll fulfil them within 3 to 5 working days, shipping direct to your customer. It’s really easy:

  1. Click the ‘Get’ button at the top of this page.

  2. After installation you’ll be asked to create a free Inkthreadable account, or log in if you’re already registered.

  3. Sync existing products you’d like us to fulfil, or use our product creator to create new products that can be easily synched to your store.

  4. Set up your billing.

If you need any help getting started you can speak to our friendly customer service team by phone, email or live chat.

We offer a complete fulfilment service

But we don’t stop at order fulfilment. Inkthreadable offer services that’ll make your brand stand out.

  • Branded labels. DTG printed neck labels add a little extra personality to your products.

  • Huge product catalogue. We only supply the products we personally approve. Everything’s been print and wash tested so you know the quality will meet your expectations.
  • Custom delivery notes. Branded with your logo and personal message. Oh, and they’re included free as standard.

  • Plain cover packaging. Everything is shipped in unbranded packaging so your customers won’t know you’ve used a fulfilment service.

  • Worldwide shipping. UK based service with a global reach - sell to Detroit as easily as Devon.

  • Shipping options. From UK domestic to international courier, our shipping costs tell you what it’ll take to get a parcel to your customer.

  • Discounted samples. We’ll print and ship a sample order at a discount so you can see what your customer sees. And it’s a great opportunity to test our turnaround time!
  • Free mockups. Create a product with our free tool and it’ll automatically generate a mockup for that item, which is uploaded to Shopify when synced.
  • You have complete control. You chose which products you want fulfilled by Inkthreadable and which services you’d like to take advantage of. All costs are transparent; what you see listed is what you’ll pay so you can find the right product with the right finishing options at the right price for your store.

    HUGE product Catalogue

    We're always expanding and add new products to our catalogue quarterly. To date, we carry over 140 styles including:

  • T-shirts - including a full organic range

  • Hoodies - pull-over, zip-through and even sleeveless

  • Sweatshirts - available for men, women & children

  • Phone cases - to fit the 10 most popular smart phones

  • Mugs - 11oz ceramic, white, dishwasher safe mugs

  • Tote bags - cotton & all-over styles available

  • Throw cushions - including feather-filled options

  • Embroidered hats - caps & beanies in various styles

  • Wall art - posters & canvases
  • Have a nosey through our catalogue to see the products on offer and what it’ll cost to print and ship them.


    Our average shipping time is 2-3 working days and never longer than 5

    It just seems like common sense to us; customer satisfaction is driven by quality service, and the best service is quick and efficient. We get to work as soon as we receive an order, and we don’t rest until it’s shipped - then nimble couriers carry your order for the final leg.

    And speaking of customer satisfaction

    We want our customers to be happy with the service they receive too

    So we work hard. Very hard. The Inkthreadable customer service team is always available during office hours, whether that's by email, phone, or Live Chat. But the rest of the Inkthreadable team is working diligently too to make sure your orders represent your company’s high standards.

    Want to know more?

    If there’s something we haven’t covered you’ll likely find it listed in our FAQ. But if you’d rather talk to someone you can find our customer service team on live chat during office hours, or just send us an email .

    Inkthreadable reviews

    32 reviews
    1. 5 stars (14 reviews)
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    3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (6 reviews)
    5. 1 star (8 reviews)

    We chose Inkthreadable as we were keen to use a UK based supplier. However, we experienced numerous issues with quality, errors in fulfilment and poor customer service. Whilst customer service is prompt, you are left with the distinct impression they do not really care – or do anything meaningful to help. Christmas was a particular low point as they failed to meet their own delivery guidelines. Promised service improvements never materialised – and we have now closed our account having decided it is simply too risky to place the reputation of our fledgling online business in this company.


    easy to use works as it should, would recommend


    ive used inkthreadable for about a year now. thier customer service is TOP TIER. mistakes happen. they fix them without an issue when they arise. packages get lost. they reship quickly. they have an awesome active facebook community where users and staff help each other out. they have items that other vendors do not carry and are always looking to expand. top notch.


    A real shame being a uk company but far too expensive, £9 for a mug, I'd need to sell them at £15 to make it worth while, a test purchase done and blemishes in the finish, not good enough for a £9 mug!


    We like inkthreadable and their potential service but have been disappointed with attention to detail - shipping wrong products to customers - bad printing. We want them to get better so we can continue to work with them.


    I have been using Inkthreadable for just over a month now and haven't really had any problems with their service. Their app integrates with shopify quite nicely, meaning its easy to mock up designs on their website and transfer them straight to your store therefore reducing the time it takes to create new products. I feel 4/5 stars is a fair judgement of their service as printing and shipping times can be a little slower than ideally you would want. But this is to be expected with a company printing on demand to a range of clients, therefore it is something you take on-board before choosing them as a supplier. Overall for me, the pro's of using their service and they are UK based, clearly outweigh the con's.


    Inkthreadable have completely transformed my business, they do an amazing job and in the past couple of months the orders have been shipped out super fast! I have been using them for over a year now and the only negative thing I had to say at the start was that the printing and shipping was slow. But since they have updated their printing facilities everything has been perfect! The staff have been super helpful too, I would definitely recommend using Inkthreadable for your business!


    Very unreliable supplier!

    Their website says they’ll contact you if your products are late. That’s a lie! I’ve had to chase every single delay myself. It’s a shame because the products are good. The app works well for me though.

    Over a third of my orders have shipped late and the staff regularly fails to be open about the reason of the delays. One of my orders shipped ONE MONTH late! So far I’m still waiting for any kind of compensation.

    They keep promising an improvement.


    The products look great on screen but just try to get them working and that's where everything falls apart.

    A huge number of products simply don't transfer over to Shopify (for no discernable reason). I got in touch with the support team via the chat box on their website and was (eventually) told they'd run some tests but they haven't responded to me since.

    And that's not to mention the testers I ordered only to receive an email that they couldn't print some of the colours they offered.

    It would've been nice to switch to a supplier with more choice available but I wouldn't trust Inkthreadable for a second with a customer order.


    Best print on demand company available! so many great quality garments to choose from! A quick turn around time Too!




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