Custom Search Input Redirects

Custom Search Input Redirects

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Customized Input Search Forms & Redirect Users To Site Pages

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Easily Embed Form Anywhere

Easily embed the form using CSS selectors OR by copying HTML code and inserting into a widget/theme code. Automatically embeds by default.

Easily Configure Form Style

Configure the form style from the button colours, text and padding / font-sizes to ensure the form easily fits your requirements.

Redirect Based On User Input

Redirect customers on submission based on user input. Trigger different URL end points if words start with, end with or contain keywords.

关于 Custom Search Input Redirects


Easily embed input search boxes with custom functionality onto your website. Have a different collection for each user zip / post code or search term? Then redirect customers to different parts of the website based on their searches.

Redirect users based on their searches

  • Use default redirect URL's
  • Redirect if customer search input "Starts with" a word
  • Redirect if customer search input "Ends with" a word
  • Redirect if customer search input "Contains" a word
  • Use multiple rules with different weights and priorities

Easily embed onto your shop

  • Automatically embeds by default underneath "#shopify-section-hero"
  • Optionally change embed location with CSS selectors
  • Optionally embed yourself with a single line of HTML code

Basic configuration

  • Title text
  • Description text
  • Placeholder text
  • Default redirect URL
  • Button text
  • Required error text
  • Open URL in new window
  • Input value required
  • Enabled / Disabled

Customize the form style

  • Title font size
  • Search box padding
  • Button background color
  • Button font color
  • Centered / aligned left



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