CRO ‑ Add Header Footer Code

CRO ‑ Add Header Footer Code


Insert code to <head>, after <body> and/or before </body> tags

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Insert Header Footer Script Plugin

True to its name, Insert Header Footer Script allows you to insert any type of script on your Shop page. This Shopify plugin can add script code to the ‘head’ section, after the ‘body’ section or before the ‘body’ tag.

Next time you need to insert code like Google Analytics, custom CSS, Facebook Pixel, Meta Tag code, Javascript, etc, simply activate this plugin, paste the code, click ‘Save’, and that’s it. You have successfully added the code across all the pages.

By default, the code you add will be ‘Active’ on all the pages, but if you want, you can also select specific pages. It also allows you to ‘Deactivate’ and ‘Delete’ a script at any time.

You Can Add

  • Google Analytics code
  • Google Tag Manager code
  • Custom CSS code
  • Facebook Pixel code
  • Meta tag code
  • HTML, CSS, Liquid, JQuery, and Javascript
  • Code to particular pages/products/collection
  • Split code to various services to manage them better



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5.0 评分

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Hosanna Store

I had a issue with a code with one of the ad network and I'm very glad that support has fix it for me without me doing anything at all. I really recommend this app.


I was looking for this kind of app for so long and finally I can see it. Thank you so much for your assistance.


It's exactly doing what I needed. Used to insert google analytics and Chat widget code before closing the tag of the body. It was so quick and easy to install. Customer support was also great and helpful.