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2023년 1월 20일

We've been with Insider for only a few weeks and we are in great hands! The process was a 1-click integration between Insider and Shopify - seamless! Their team is thorough and knowledgeable, truly experts in their field. We are getting hands-on assistance and clear guidance on what needs to happen to complete the integration and optimize our business. Support is fast and works quickly to resolve issues. Everyone's attitude at Insider is positive, patient, and willing to help. The platform is sophisticated and easy to understand. We are very pleased with our partnership so far, and looking forward to where Insider takes us!

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2022년 12월 29일

We use Insider products as marketing automation in all of our ebebek processes. We preferred Shopify for our global operations. Thanks to the Insider application, we made a very fast integration. We also use Insider products to provide a personalized experience on our global sites. The product we have been working with for 10 years has a lot of options for digital marketers. We recommend Shopify users with Insider products that can support their business as they grow.

앱 사용 시간: 20일
2022년 12월 29일

Thanks to the application, I quickly integrated Insider products into my store. Especially WebPush product is very good for marketing. a low-cost option where you can instantly reach your customers who allow communication. If you want to prepare a personalized website, I recommend you to use this application. For all technical problems, you can reach customer representatives with a ticket.
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