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Stop guessing what happens in your store

We get that understanding customer behaviour and trends is crucial for you to be able to deliver excellent service. To help you with this, insiteful has done away with the complex graphs, charts, dashboards, recordings and whatnot. We offer insight into your customers by simply telling you what they are doing and when they do it.

Included with insiteful:

  • Weekly activity summary, to give you a break down of when customers are most active in your store and the kind of devices the accessing your store on.

  • Customer success breakdown, to let you know how many visitors you are converting to customers.

  • Activity tracking to show you exactly what each customer did during their time in your store, including, what they clicked on, the pages they visited and what they searched for

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5.0 评分

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Revolutionary, really changing the game, is really helpful for analysing customer activity so you can increase the effectiveness of your store