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Insta Articles by LFS

Insta Articles by LFS

Developed by Low Fruit Solutions PTY LTD

3 reviews
Price: $5.00 – $20.00 / month Free Trial: 10 days More info
  • Save time by creating blog articles from your phone.
  • Keep shoppers engaged with regular updates from your social feed.
  • Adds content to your site that builds your store's SEO.

Create content on the go from Instagram

Use Instagram to bring product and lifestyle content from you and your team/influencers into your blog, where it can engage your shoppers and add long term value to your store search engine rankings.


  • Let your team have their say - add multiple accounts, each with their own blog or author mapping.

  • Display images as Featured and/or in the Article content.

  • Embed videos!

  • Dynamically create the corresponding tags in your blog so your content is relatable to other articles and products.

  • Manage the quality of articles through filtering options such as hashtags, minimum word count and special characters.

  • Add custom HTML footers to support individual author messages or shortcodes.

  • No coding required!


  • Extensive and detailed knowledge base for all facets of install and setup.

  • Gold plated support – no site too big or too small.

Insta Articles by LFS reviews

3 reviews
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Awesome app and service! Thank you.


This is a fantastic app that does exactly what it promises. Installation was a breeze and the online help is fantastic. I highly recommend you watch the software developers introductory video on the support website. When you listen to the developer, you'll see he completely "gets it" and that will explain why this app is pure common sense. When you post to Instagram, you get nothing back directly to your website in terms of content or SEO. Further, between the website and all these social networks we're supposed to use to drive customers, you are overwhelmed and have no time. What this app does is save you time and take your Instagram posts and convert them to a blog post on your website-- for me a starting blog post that I can then complete in Shopify. I am still building content for this tool, but for my use-case, I post on Instagram with a hashtag that tells this app "I want it to be a blog." You can configure this app many ways, this is how I use it right now. You can also configure it to hide the blog entry it creates, a feature I use. I can then go-back and complete the blog entry with additional content and unhide it when ready. Or if you decide not to do a blog on the post, simply delete the blog. The app worked on the first try, zero problems. Note that it will only create blog entries for new Instagram posts. You can't go-back and add a hashtag to old Instagram posts and expect it to populate a blog entry. This was not a problem for me, but it's worth noting. Also don't be bothered by the small number of reviews here. The author clearly hasn't invested in the fake reviews you see on other apps and he's clearly been waiting for the real deal. One other comment, which is the app is very reasonably priced.


Love this app! Sharing our Instagram posts into our blog will allow us to showcase our range from any tagged post, all the while adding SEO to our store!

$5.00 – $20.00 / month

1 Instagram account - $5 pm
2-5 Instagram accounts - $10 pm
6-10 Instagram accounts - $15 pm
11-15 Instagram accounts - $20 pm
For a more custom plan please contact us

10 days


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