Instant Checkout Upsell Bundle

Instant Checkout Upsell Bundle


Boost sales with Scan to Checkout & Product Recommendations


Scan items to instant checkout

Customers can scan the barcode or QR code of your products to view items or add to cart & do instant checkout.

Quick View and Checkout

Customers can scan an item to get a quick view and add to the cart for quick checkout.

Upsell with Recommendations

Product Quick View also shows matching Product Recommendations.

有關 Instant Checkout Upsell Bundle

The shopping experience is a critical component of retail. Today’s shopping experience is customer-centric and with omni-channel strategy places your shoppers in the spotlight.

Why Instant Checkout with Upsells ?

Our goal is to boost your sales by providing tools to your customers for easy shopping. On your online store, Customers can use the Scan button to lookup an item and do a quick checkout.


  • Instant Checkout app
    • Shows Scan button to your online store
    • Allows to scan products by barcodes or QR-codes
    • Shows Quick View for the item scanned
    • Shows matching Product Recommendations for Upsell

How does it work?

  • Install the App
  • Set your product items with QR code or barcode
  • Activate / Deactivate Scan button for your Online Store
  • Customers use
    • The Scan button on your Online Store to find an item
    • The Quick View to see scanned item
    • The "View Item" action to navigate to the Product Details page
    • The "Add to Cart" action to add the item to cart for Quick Checkout
    • Any matching product recommendations to navigate to respective Product Details page



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