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22 Temmuz 2022

Please stop charging our store. We deleted. the app three months ago and I still see the charges each month

Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 11 ay
Mintt Studio yanıt 22 Temmuz 2022

Hi Purogenic, charges are done by Shopify and not apps directly. I can see that our app was uninstalled on July 1st. Our team will reach out to you to agree on a refund. Please check your Shopify account email. Thank you!

8 Mayıs 2022

I am kind of surprised this has so many five-star reviews considering how lacking the customization of the app is. I come from WordPress and Instagram plugins are much more advanced.

Asher Reed Boutique
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 22 gün
Mintt Studio yanıt 8 Mayıs 2022

Hi Asher Reed Boutique. One of the reasons why Shopify merchants enjoy Instafeed is because it is highly focused on features that increase store conversion. Most customisations are unnecessary and end up hurting store conversion since they distract customers from the end goal of completing their purchase. Our paid plans (Pro and Plus) offer more advanced features, but if you need help customizing Instafeed and increasing your store conversion feel free to reach out to us at, our Support Team is always happy to help.

21 Ocak 2022

I tried the app on two different stores and it did not work with either of them. Completely disappointed.

J. Waters Apparel
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 17 dakika
Mintt Studio yanıt 22 Ocak 2022

Hello J. Waters Apparel! Instafeed works in any theme or store, I can see that our Customer Support is in contact with you, they will install it for you. Thank you.

12 Mayıs 2021

I provided developer access back in april to fix an issue. I am still waiting for a reply to my support ticket from april. Can somebody please get in touch. thanks

Cohorted - Be You Be Beautiful
Birleşik Krallık
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 2 yıldan fazla
Mintt Studio yanıt 12 Mayıs 2021

Hello Anthony!

We are waiting for information from your side, we sent you an email back in April and just sent you a new one today. Can you please double check you are getting it?


13 Şubat 2021

Read this before installing I added this app on 11 feb and next day my website stopped responding it was not loading after few seconds of surfing. Now because of this my facebook account also got disabled as they thought i was making false and misleading advertisements So yeah think twice before installing this App

Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 3 gün
Mintt Studio yanıt 13 Şubat 2021

SIDH S, we're afraid that is a false review. Your store doesn't load even without our app, Instafeed doesn't have any impact on stores load. We are also a Facebook Partner and Facebook accounts will never be disabled because of Instafeed. Our tech team can try to help you, contact us at

7 Ocak 2021

The app was fine until I switched themes and now it's messed up my layout. Contacted support weeks ago with ZERO response from them. Disappointing and might have to switch to a different instagram feed app now.

AJ Craft Supplies
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: Neredeyse 4 yıl
Mintt Studio yanıt 8 Ocak 2021

Hello AJ Craft Supplies, we reply all our customer tickets. I checked our system and we don't have any contact from your store. I can also see Instafeed running smoothly on your theme. Can you please contact us directly at

Thank you,
Instafeed Team

19 Ekim 2020

I used this app on 3 sites and all 3 just stopped working. Looks like their server is completely off, DNS says the IP doesn't exist anymore...

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 2 yıldan fazla
Mintt Studio yanıt 19 Ekim 2020

Hello MOBOT, thanks for letting us know. It seems that some internet providers were having issues accessing Instafeed, your account manager will get in touch with you just to make sure that everything is fine now!

29 Eylül 2020

Does not work at all. I tried Safari and Chrome and get this message.
Your device is blocking Instafeed cookies. ‘It seems that you are accessing from a mobile device, please try opening Instafeed on your computer. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.’

The Flint Store
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: Yaklaşık 12 saat
Mintt Studio yanıt 30 Eylül 2020

Hello The Flint Store, thank you for your review. Looks like you are having issues in your browser or store configurations. We'll send you a support invite, also feel free to contact us at

27 Haziran 2020

Do not install this app

Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 2 ay
Mintt Studio yanıt 27 Haziran 2020

Hello Giselle, can you please clarify what's the issue you are having? Please contact our Customer Service at

9 Nisan 2020 tarihinde düzenlendi

Had to delete because it doesn't work on Google Chrome anymore. I work on a company computer and cannot download any 'extensions' to bypass this.

Texas Closet & Co.
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 5 ay
Mintt Studio yanıt 9 Nisan 2020


Instafeed works in any browser, you don't need any extension to run it. Please contact our customer support if you need any help at

Thank you,
Instafeed team