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  • Add a live feed of your Instagram photos to your store
  • Choose how many photos you want to show and their size
  • Engage your customers and promote your Instagram page

What is Instafeed?

Instafeed is an app that allows you to easily integrate your Instagram pictures in your Shopify Store. Instagram is one of the biggest marketing tools, adding your Instagram pictures to your store is a great way to engage with your customers and create brand awareness. The pictures will link directly to your Instagram account making Instafeed a great way to attract new followers.

Installing Instafeed in your store is as easy as:

  • Step 1: Add your Instagram details, the number of pictures you want and preview your feed
  • Step 2: Publish the changes
  • Step 3: Add the feed to anywhere you want in your store
  • That's it! Whenever you post a picture in Instagram it will be automatically added to your store!

Instafeed is a very simple and lightweight app that is free forever and doesn't add any code to your store. Send us an email to to support@n3f.me if you need support or have suggestions.

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Instafeed reviews

109 reviews
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Difficult to understand at first. I wish they gave better instructions. When it was installed and completed it worked great! The best is that their customer service responded within an hour which is fast! Good customer service is so important. If you need help then check out this excellent video on Youtube for step by step instructions. That's what worked for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EzVC8P-qV8


Works great! Easy to install. Love it.


Great app! Super easy to install! Thank you!


Awesome and easy to use! Highly Recommended!


Awesome App. When I contacted the developer for help with coding, he responded instantly with great advice and my questions were answered. Great service. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to display their Instagram feed on their Shopify store.


If this app is no longer displaying your Instagram feed, you'll need to get a new authorization token from the settings of the app. There's a link that says "Get your Instagram account access token here". Click it and get a new token. Then Save & Preview and then PUBLISH!

BOOM! It starts working again.

See mine at www.freedompatch.co!


Great App!!!

Look at our fitness apparel!!



App was easy to install, but I found that the insta feed pictures looked squished unless they were uploaded in a square format on Instagram, which did not look good.
I also emailed the app developer to ask to help in creating some space between the insta feed display and the newsletter section on my homepage, but I did not get a response.
After about a month, the app completely stopped working and I had to remove it.


It's somewhat easy to install and considering it's free is great. If you aren't a coder though you might have trouble. I'm not a coder. I was able to figure out some of my set up issues which was answered in the FAQ like I picked wrong account and then wanted a title to the section. I don't understand why there isn't a box you could click in the set up for it instead of needing to paste in coding. I still can't figure out how to position this feed where I want on my home page. Currently it's under my newsletter subscription request and I would like it above that or even better yet, alongside the text of our statement. There seems to be some sort of instructions but it's not clear and I am not about to test this and mess up my site playing where do I pop in this coding. I also was interested in adding the animation effects but was confused with the instructions.


I wasn't impressed with this app. I like things quick and easy, this was neither. I had to deal with coding and that wasn't fun. I would've just liked it to look a bit more customer to my feed and it to be easier to set up.




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