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Shoppable galleries, UGC, find influencers & build communities

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First, this is NOT working!!!
but this is not the worst thing! it caused my link to get blocked by Instagram. I can't use my store's link on anywhere in Instagram anymore!!!


I tried serveral times to sign up but everytime the instagram authorization fails. I asked the support for help but nobody answered


I can't signup to Snapppt, it just say opps something went wrong....! It doesn't say anything on their app and there's no way contacting them


This is a no-star product, fit only for low-effort shopify sites with extremely weak or completely disposable brand identities. If you're serious about your business and customer retention, this app isn't for you.

Free seems like a great price, but this app doesn't exist for your benefit. Avoid it unless you're happy with the idea of deliberately poking holes in your conversion funnel for the benefit of the Snapppt development team.

On the plus side, installation is very simple, it all seems well coded, and the interface is clean, (although effectively impossible to customize). Viewing it solely from a technical perspective, it's very well executed.

On the negative side, showcasing your brand is not a priority here. The app aggressively hijacks your instagram content, your site, and your hard work, turning you into little more than a marketing drone working for Snapppt.

Image overlays, Snapppt logos, and persistent links are prominently displayed as often as possible, drawing customers away from your ecosystem and your store at every opportunity.

Find a different solution that actually works for you. If you install this one, you're working for Snapppt.

Pampas Fox

Don't like writing bad reviews. Had high expectations. Unfortunately, I had no support from this app. It stopped working without notice and contacted support staff in many occasions without and answer.

Poche Posh

I used this app to put my instagram feed on my Shopify store. We decided to shy away from posting on Instagram and tried to delete the app. The app can not CAN NOT be deleted. I have tried, 1. finding the embed in the theme code, 2. deleting the widget from my homepage, 3. messaging Snapppt, 4. revoking access in Instagram 5. deleting Snapppt from my Shopify app page. Nothing worked. I don't know how they are so conniving but they can't be deleted. Be ware. It still shows on our front page. We've spent over 2 hours trying to delete them.

Baddest Bish Ever

I'm actually surprised by all the good reviews because Snapppt has no real technical support only Automatic Bots and very little self-help literature and tiny small videos that does not actually show how to use the app with your shopify store. So are these Good Reviews Legitimate. I don't think so. At least have Tutorials. Snapppt should check out Shopify Academy on how to educate in a User Friendly way instead of depending on useless bots and inadequate no-info website.




once you click on the picture price tags like 69,99€ will be displayed as 6999€.


Initially, it worked out great until some issues surfaced with product updating & price updating.

1) Product updating: Once you upload images to your Instagram, it might take awhile before it appears on the Snapppt platform, the support team might ask you to add in some codes (but not explaining how to).

2) Price updating: Almost the same as the top issue, but this one never got fixed. Uploaded new images onto Instagram, and it got updated onto Snapppt, but the prices reflect wrongly.

*Support team response delay: I inquired on 20th June and got a reply on the 26th June, not something that you want to experience if you're running your online business. Followed the support team's instructions (P.S.: You have to figure out what they are saying yourself if you have no idea about codes) and yet, the problem still persists so I sent a 2nd email which was 3 days ago.

Final verdict: Snapppt may be good for you IF you don't experience any issues, but once you do, prepare for a long wait, if not, switch over to some other Instagram apps, don't let their inefficiency affect your business.

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