Instagram shop by SNPT

Instagram shop by SNPT

by Snapppt

Shoppable galleries, UGC, find influencers & build communities

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I like this app because it is free to use -- utilizes your Instagram feed (and/or hashtags) to curate your gallery. However we have two galleries, and Snapppt puts incorrect images in each, and takes a while for the page to load.

High Strung 1

Initially I would have rated 5 stars! It worked perfectly, until it didn't. Now, instead of an insta feed, I have a bunch of ugly question marks where the photos should be.
I emailed support and someone got back to me pretty quickly but never fixed the problem and then just stopped emailing.
I'm sad. :(


It's a neat app but I would want the ability to create blog posts from things like this and not just a gallery on one page. Most of the example websites go direct to the galleries but if you look at traffic to these pages...most have very little. Think of a post where you were going to have a shoppable photo then description then another shoppable photo and repeat that process to feature something like 10 products. Now when they hover over each image throughout the post they can see the buy / add to cart options. Just stuffing a bunch into a gallery like Pinterest might show you is overwhelming and not at all funneling the customer to buy the specific item.



The Wud Shop

Still working my way thru as I I'm not seeing any engagements thru this process, but I'm determined and it's only been a cpl days! I do like the concept and functionality. What I don't get is that my customers now have to go to another site to click on a link to get to my site? Is that correct? Forgive my ignorance, like I said, it's been only a cpl days.

72 Smalldive

I am still evaluating if browsers would bother clicking on an intermediary site for hyperlinks to the shop...the idea sounds great but we need statistics to validate its impact.

Turtle Fur

Great set up, good functionality.

-Mobile experience isn't ideal, images get too small.
-Site went down today with no notice of an outage, and simply an error that it was under heavy load. Free is great, but it won't have all the support paid will.

E Cessories

I liked the concept, though I thought it was just a way to allow users to click on an image in my Instagram which then takes them to the product in my Shopify store.

It does not do that and just takes them to a Snappt version of my IG. To me, that seems pointless, why have a link in my IG to a site that isn't my actual Shopify store, which is where I want potential customers to go anyways? Unless I'm not using the app properly, in which case I'd love someone to help me out.