Instafeed Instagram Feed Story

Instafeed Instagram Feed Story


1-Click Instafeed Instagram Gallery + Stories + Social Media

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Instagram Stories / Highlights

Only app that support Instagram Stories and highlights with Instagram Feed. Use stories to show your product videos, reviews & Social Proof.

Instagram Feed + Tiktok Feed

The app pulls the latest Instagram Feeds and shows up above Footer. For Tiktok feed, simply copy list of videos to show in the feed.

Social Proof Shoutout

Using our app you can prompt your website visitors to tag your account and share a story in exchange of discount coupons.

Instafeed Instagram Feed Story 정보

Only app that allows you to display Instagram Stories & Highlights along with Instagram Feeds.

Very Easy 1 Click setup - just enter your Instagram Username and click on "Connect".

(New - Embed Tiktok feed from custom list of videos).

Manual Customization and Placement

Just drop us a message on customer chat to customize the feed and stories placement and look and feed. Choose from Grid or Slider with custom number of rows and images per row. e.g. I need 2 rows of 4 images grid under testimonial section with headline "Follow Us @nike" and font color #34bdcd

Ultimate Social Proof

You can use Instagram Stories and Highlights to show your User Reviews on Instagram, actual product videos, various clothes Try-On, top selling products and accessories or just tell your brand's story and more. Instagram Stories + Feed acts as an Ultimate Social Proof for your brands presence which develops trust with your site visitors.

Why Instagram Feed + Stories is better than just Instagram Feed

With Instagram Feed, you can mostly show images, but with stories and highlights you can add videos to your website. Videos are great way of showcasing your products like clothes and accessories.

Instagram Stories + Highlights

Tell your brand's story using Instagram Stories / Highlights. You can set up highlights about products, reviews, offers and more on Instagram which would be pulled and showcase on your Shopify Website.

Instagram Feed

Your latest Instagram Posts displayed in a single elegant row of images. The Feed, like stories and highlights loads after your website making sure it does not affect your page load speed.

Tiktok Feed (New)

Copy paste list of of videos you want to display on your website, the app will generate the feed from the video and embed above the Website Footer, for custom placement, contact customer support.

Instagram Promotions/Shoutout

Convert Website Visitor to your Instagram Micro Influencers. You can configure App to prompt user to tag you in their Stories in exchange for Discount Codes. When a user tags you, Instagram opens a messaging channel for your page with them. You can then manually send them Coupon Code.


The app is free up to 1000 page visits per month, only $4.95 for unlimited visits for Shopify Basic plan and 4.95 per 50000 page visits for Shopify Plus & Advance

How to get best of Instagram Stories + Feed

  • If using Instagram Stories, repost Instagram stories about people using your product or leaving reviews about them.
  • Create stories using your product, wearing your brand's clothes and accessories so users can see how they look in real.
  • You can add videos of your product giving more information about them. Customers can see these products in use in real time.


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Real Combination

Hola, se me cobro la cuota mensual, y no ocupe mas alla de los dias de prueba, es posible que realizen el reeembolso, quedo atento, saludos.

개발자 회신

2021년 12월 2일

Sorry for the inconvenience, I have completely refunded your charge. Request you to please update the review accordingly.

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The app works perfectly on my website! I have the link of my instagram feed at the bottom part of my home page and in another page as well. I needed some quick fixes and help on a specific set up on the website and the customer support was just there to support me. they jumped on it and solved my issues right away. Very happy about this app. Thank you!

개발자 회신

2021년 12월 4일

Thank you for the review, we are always here to help you with Customer Support.

AXS Collective

The developer is super helpful support is really really good would definitely recommend it to other eCommerce businesses.