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Instagram channel

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Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts & stories.

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Woodenshoefactory Marken

This app is terible, or i should say the instagram policy is terible. Im selling perfect legit items on shopify, but IG says that my store is not eligible for product tagging because i didn't follow the IG commerce policy. No reason why excactly, just a no. Contacting IG is not possible, so I'm stuck

Kintsugi Fine Arts

I am only writing this review in an effort to help others, actually. There's absolutely nothing that's *wrong* with the app, and it certainly has nothing to do with Shopify. Instagram, however, needs to rethink their process of integrating storefronts into their service and offering instructions to doing so with much more clarity. I've literally spent the last 2 weeks, working daily, to connect our Ig business account with our store front and FB and happened to stumble upon a review by Vinyl Decal Shop Inc today that saved our bacon.

First: Search and find Vinyl Decal Shop Inc's review here, with an update, dated for Oct 15, 2018.

2) Follow all instructions given there, to a 'T.' Don't question the order or the directives, just follow each step precisely as they've laid them out. They were super clear, easy to understand, so follow each, in order.

3) Once you've finished, I just wanted to add to their instructions: you'll need to go into Shopify and go through each product there and add Instagram as a sales channel and save before you can then tag in instagram.

You'll know it's connected because in Shopify it will ask if you want to set up tagging for Ig. Also, when you go back into Ig, it will instantly show a pop up asking if you want to connect a source and start tagging. Forget the Ig instructions about "Go into Settings and turn on tagging in Shopping," etc. Literally, NONE of the directions they've published will get this particular service working except to follow the instructions found here from Vinyl Decal Shop Inc.

Instagram is who needs to hear your complaints. They've miserably failed their users in how they've misled people in setting this up.

Good luck! It should work for you, too, when you follow all the simple steps.

Panoramic Lifestyle Clothing

Giving this 2 stars instead of one because I eventually got this working. I also used the Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Feed for the catalog, and the pixel integration. Previous I kept getting instantly denied every time I attempted to connect the IG sales channel. I used another IG account and after 4 days that was approved for product tagging. Unfortunately, I built a decent size following and business off of @panoramiclifestyleclothing already and I really don't want to start over.

Graymedics Fully Ozonated Olive Oils Health and Beautiful skin

The app was ultra painful to setup and took some time but got there in the end which is great tagging my products. So dont stress. There are a bunch of things that need to happen to become eligible and thanks to shafquatarefeen:

  1. Install Facebook Feed - Product Feeds Made Easy
  2. Facebook page setup as with business manager and the page owner must be your business page manager NOT yours.
  3. Facebook shop enabled and tagged only as "shopping retail"
  4. Facebook Business manager create a catalogue and populate it from url using the link from the app you installed Facebook Feed - Product Feeds Made Easy.
  5. Ad Account owned and created by business manager and NOT your personal one.
  6. Business manager created PIXEL and NOT your own.
  7. Install Instagram sales channel and get your error :D

Then after all this it still wont work ( most likely ) take a screenshot of the error in shopify then go here

They will check everything then a day or so bam! You should be golden. Good Luck.


This is pathetic and Shopify you should get off your high horse and help rather than just taking people's subscriptions. I have tried several times to connect my perfectly legitimate shop selling perfectly legitimate products to work on Instagram. Nothing in Instagram's compliance gives any reason why I can't use their tagging etc and my Facebook Shop works perfectly. Noone at Instagram gets back to you because they are all on Facebook reading about their friends cat or what patterns have been created in their coffee foam today. Action is the only thing that should happen here. If a store is rejected there should be an easy channel to contact someone at Instagram to sort the issue. There's no excuse at all just bad business practice and Shopify you should be helping. It's not acceptable in anyway whatsoever. I'm really savvy with computers and IT and I find this to be a total balls up. Don't know how other less IT knowledgeable people sort this at all. Really pathetic.

Laki Studio

Having problem tagging products since the facebook crashed please helllp it was working very wrll before though

Glazed New Zealand

Only kept coming up with error your store isn't available for instagram product tagging. No one telling me why or able to help and Instagram hasn't responded in weeks!


My 25K+ instagram brand profile is not able to have shopping option while the new account with 30 followers have that option even without this app. You can't contact instagram support as there is no phone/email. JUNK

Be Younger

I have the same problem about Instagram channel. Many people say that right now the APP is not working. Please we need help because I have a Instagram business profile and Facebook page with all my products so I can read the same problem on the rest of the people...


When I tried to add Instagram channel I'm get the message 'Your store isn’t eligible for Instagram product tagging' - without any explanation why or any information how to resolve the issue. By reading the reviews It looks like this is most peoples experience.

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