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Instagram channel

by Shopify

Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts & stories.

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This app really does not work. Many issues with integration. Such as recognising if you're an admin on the page you own and telling you you're ineligible to advertise products based on the type of products in your store (even with zero products). I've read dozens of complaints on this issue but nothing is being done.

A complete nightmare!!!


Why is this app still here? It doesn't work. It doesn't integrate with Instagram. Please fix this asap

Plum Porch

Doesn't sync with Facebook. Instagram app has the same problem. I spent weeks with SHopify support trying to address and no luck. No luck with Facebook/Instagram teams either. Have to use WordPress instead.

Lannetta Way

I can´t seem to use Instagram to tag my products from Shopify. I need help, I tried everything and nothing works. I still don´t even know why my store isn´t eligible? Like really, come on, that why I chose Shopify in the first place. Urgently needs help. Thanks


HI everyone

i loved working with @TYPICAL_AGENCY on Instagram he did a great job
please contact him he will defiantly help you to get activate you shop
and he help lots of people i found him from here too,
i'll 100% vouch him and recommend him to anyone that trying to get shopping tag feature approve

Darling Marcelle

There is a bug in this channel, but Shopify is completely unwilling to contact Instagram about it. (They claim they can't, but someone worked out a deal to get it on the app store, so I call b.s. This bug just hasn't worked its way up the Shopify food chain.) If you installed it a year ago, great. If you want to install it now, it will not work. You'll get rejected. That's why the average rating for this is 1 star.

La Dolce Vintage

One of the main reasons as to why we decided to host our shop on Shopify was to be able to sell our items through Instagram. I followed the several different instructions I've searched and still get the same message, "Your store isn’t eligible for Instagram product tagging Instagram reviewed your store and decided that it’s not currently eligible for Instagram product tagging. View Instagram’s commerce policy or contact Instagram to learn more." It would be helpful if we were to provide more specific reasoning as to why the profile was not approved instead of a typical answer. Its pretty disappointing that this feature isn't working. Hoping it will be fixed soon

Simply Homeware

This app doesn't work - no indiciation of how to fix the Instagram product tagging from facebook/instagram support.

Seashore Jewellery

Utter garbage app!
As many others have found, my store was deemed as being ineligible for Instagram product tagging. No explanation why just a link to a commerce policy which lists prohibiting factors, none of which apply to my store.
To top it all off, the functionality to contact Instagram to appeal the decision is broken.
Yet another buggy, cruddy app on the Shopify marketplace. I wish some of my Shopify subscription fee could be spent on policing and cleaning up the App Market since it seems about 90% of whats on here isn't fit for purpose.



Our product mainly rely on instagram marketing, but this app doesn't work at all and without reason. I'm so frustrated about it.

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