Instagram channel

Instagram channel

by Shopify

Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts & stories.

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Blue Rain Boutique

I have NO idea why others are having issues with this! I signed up and was approved pretty quickly. It's already up and running on my IG account @bluerainboutique if anyone wants to see it in action. Just make sure you are on mobile. This is one of my FAVORITE apps so far!!!!

UPDATE: I am updating my review because I think that I MAY know what the problem is for people. I kept having issues tagging products on my IG page. So I started doing some research and I found the issue. You can not have your FB page set to different countries, ages, or sexes. In other words, if your FB page is set to only show your postings to people over 18 only in the United States it won't work. This could be why some people are getting denied. Once I turned that off on my Facebook page I was able to tag my products again. Hope this helps someone!


We were an early adopter for selling on instagram already, so when it integrated with shopify, it didn't effect or change things much for us.

We are hoping tho that with the connection between the two, there will be good analytics, we don't know who or how often people actually follow thru with a purchase using this avenue. would love to know tho!!

Tracey @ All Things Real Estate Store


**UPDATE - Still working fantastically for me**
Worked flawlessly for me right off the bat. Instagram is one of my biggest promo tools, and being able to add it as a sales channel was huge. Up and running in minutes, approval was very fast, and it’s been working great for me. Actually had the first sale within about 15min of the first tag. I’m very impressed with this app. I see many others have had issues with Instagram approval, but for some reason, I had mine within minutes, and there hasn’t been a glitch. I can’t say enough about how great this has been for me.

North Pole West

The app works as described. We got it up and running without a hitch so I have to give it a five. The only disappointment is, we have seen little response (sales) for having installed it. Being a year-round Christmas shop I'll give it thru Christmas 18 to judge it more fairly.
I need to add to my review.
After posting, someone went to my Instagram account and commented that the app was not working and hinted I gave a false review. I welcome visitors but please note I do not tag products on every post. If you want to see the app in action you must look at posts with the shopping bag in the corner.

Parrett Storage

Works just fine. Adding shopping cart easy, you need Facebook shop and Instagram business profile before you start.

The Neon Sign Company

good app , love it , drives a lot of traffic to site

Here And There Makers

This app does work great. The trick is to have the three-way relationship between Shopify, Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you have your business Instagram profile attached to your business Facebook page. Tagging products is very easy with a mobile device. Nice one!

Graceful Labels

Excellent - Syncs perfectly with your facebook shop inventory. As others have mentioned you need to ensure you have a authorised facebook shop and then get authorisation for an instagram shop, once you have permission, your good to go in a few clicks. can see it in action on: @gracefullabels.

Hopefully can help generate additional revenue.


Fantastic addition! To all the reviewers giving 1 star, just be patient - once you have been approved by instagram everything will work wonderfully, it took instagram 6 days to approve me.


This app works great. People just don’t have their Facebook shop or Instagram page set up correctly, and this causes an error. This is not an app for shopping on Instagram. Instagram enables product tags and creates a landing page based on the product approved on your Facebook Shop. Facebook must first approve your products, then Instagram allows you to connect your Facebook Business page to your Instagram Buisiness account. dont complain when there isn’t instantly a “shop” button on your Instagram account. One will appear below your profile once you have 9 product tags. Again, this app is super simple. Facebook and Instagram make you jump through the hoops. Once you have done that, it will work just fine. You just need to work within the constraints of the platforms. If you don’t like that, take it up with Instagram. I for one think this is an exelent feature, which walks a fine line between organic information tagging and marketing. Very tasteful in my opinion.