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Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts & stories.

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Cultured Cloths

Same boat! Cannot get an approval or a denied reason - I have triple checked all settings, business account is in place and it works perfectly with my other account...I have 2 shopify stores selling the same products - 1 of them approved and connected to IG the other is DENIED..Really same products but 1 is okay and the other is not

Developer reply

November 13, 2019

Thank you for your review. I have seen this happen in the past, as Instagram are taking your entire business into account during their review.

There are several requirements we have listed here that they'll look at to start with -

For this reason it is possible that two different stores with the same product would receive different approval statuses. I'd like to keep working with you on this to see what else I can suggest. I've sent you an email and look forward to speaking more. -Lizzy, Shopify Support


Same issue as everyone else below. My IG shop was declined even though my FB was approved. Makes no sense and losing potential customers because of it. My IG has 45K followers and I am missing out on a huge opportunity due to this feature not working. I have contacted support from IG twice and haven't heard back. I also reached out to Shopify twice and they said IG would need to help. There is no number or email to reach out to IG. Very frustrating, especially with holiday sales coming up. Really don't know what else to do. I have read so many things online and tried everything!

Developer reply

November 12, 2019

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Instagram app here and I'm sorry to hear that you've had this issue. As you've seen, this problem has regretfully affected a significant number of merchants and at this time there is no known solution or appeals process that denied merchants can take advantage of.

We have heard of some potential workarounds that have worked for others, so I will be reaching out to you via email to see if there's anything else we can try. Please keep an eye out for my email and get back to me there if you'd like to discuss this issue in more detail. -Victor, Shopify Support

Lord and Lady M

Damn, should have read the reviews before messing with this. Nothing works, get declined, now i can't even get it to access facebook as apparantly i'm not an admin. Meet all the criteria but IT'S A NO FROM INSTA

Developer reply

November 12, 2019

Thank you for writing your review and for detailing the problems you've had. There are some known issues connecting to both the Instagram and Facebook sales channels; the former is more difficult to solve, as there is no clear appeals process for Instagram denials, but we are aware of some more reliable solutions for admin issues when connecting to Facebook.

I will be sending you an email shortly to see where you are at with these issues and I'll see what I can do to help. Please keep an eye out for my email and I look forward to hearing back from you. -Victor, Shopify Support


I can only relate to what others already underlined:
My shop was not allowed on instagram but funnily enough most of the products got allowed on facebook while others got refused by facebook for no apparent reason. Obviously complaining to facebook or instagram is pointless since their support is useless. I will stay away from any type of social media marketing and pay money to their competitors instead because they are a dead end these days.

Developer reply

November 12, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to write your review and I'm sorry to hear that you had this issue with Instagram. This is unfortunately a relatively common problem that merchants experience and Instagram rarely provides context behind why they have denied a store use of the product tagging feature, which is a cause of frustration.

There are some potential workarounds that we have heard have worked, which I will send to you via email for you to consider if you do wish to try again. I understand though that given this experience, you may decide to seek other alternatives in terms of marketing and advertising. -Victor, Shopify Support

Champagne Culture

I have been trying to get help with this for a while, i was not approved and there is no one or any link to contact innsta for help. Really dissapointed.

Developer reply

November 12, 2019

Thank you for sharing this review. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't approved to use the Instagram sales channel, and I understand the disappointment this caused. Have you tried reporting a problem to Instagram about this directly through their app ( In some cases, other merchants have been approved after doing this. I'm going to follow up with you via email so that we can discuss this further. I look forward to connecting with you soon! - Rae, Shopify Support

Adela's style

The same problem like many people before me. My Instagram wouldn't connect to my FB and I can't tag my products. I DID NOT post any personal pictures, always only business related and I am meeting all their requirements. I DID write on Instagram support twice and no message back, no approval, nothing. Guys, this is very frustrating. Adela

Developer reply

November 8, 2019

Hi, there. Thanks for leaving a review on the Instagram sales channel. I'm terribly sorry to hear that this has been such a frustrating experience for you. It sounds like you've taken the necessary steps to ensure that your business would be accepted. The only other suggestion is to try reaching out to Facebook's live-chat support through the Business Help Center. I've sent you an email as well so that we can discuss some alternatives while you're waiting to get this resolved. I look forward to hearing back from you! -Emma, Shopify Support

Nak Nak's Laboratory

Isn't there a way to contact Instagram? Their help center is really vague and I don't understand why I'm able to sell on Facebook but not on Insta which is extremely disappointing. I was hoping to build my audience through insta and now I don't know what else to do.

Developer reply

November 8, 2019

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us about your experience with the Instagram channel. I'm sorry to hear that Instagram has denied your store for product tagging. I know that it's very disappointing. There are other ways to use Instagram to build your audience, so I've sent you an email to follow up on this and we can discuss some ideas there! Hope to hear back from you. -Emma, Shopify Support

B Brave Clothing

I have - Like many others - Struggled to get our website to link its catalogue through to Instagram. I have installed and deleted the app many times since April, and still no luck.

The review process doesn't allow for feedback, so there is no reason why we failed in their eyes.

Shopify I understand you do not have access to their review system, but surely with this many 1* reviews, there is something you can help with?!


Developer reply

November 8, 2019

Thank you for sharing your feedback, Sam. We truly value your opinion and appreciate you taking the time to share it with us here so that we can make improvements.

You're correct that we do not have any additional information regarding the decision that Instagram makes and there is currently no appeal process that we've been provided with. The best way to contact Instagram is through the "Report a Problem" button in the Instagram app, and some merchants have seen success by connecting to Facebook's live-chat support tool through their Business Help Center.

I’ve followed up with you via email so that we can discuss this further and I can then share your feedback to our development team. Specifically, I will request that we work with Instagram to have them provide more clarity about rejections and facilitate an appeal process. I've also got some suggestions for other ways to utilize Instagram while you're unable to tag your products. I hope to hear from you soon! - Emma, Shopify Support

Fiellis's Closet

I think you guys leaving bad reviews need to check your settings, this app worked perfectly fine for me.

Pacific Ring of Style

Won't link to my store. Terrible. Tried multiple times etc with no luck. Not able to contact Instagram for help either.

Developer reply

November 6, 2019

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us! You're correct in that Instagram don't have a direct method of contact, however you can submit a message to them by reporting a problem within the app.

I've sent you an email as well so that we can discuss your store and this process in more detail. -Lizzy, Shopify Support