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Instagram channel

by Shopify

Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts & stories.

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nice web me ha encandado Provide some detail about what you did or did not enjoy about using this app. Your comments can help other merchants decide whether to use this app.


I had problems with not being able to tag my products on Instagram, but after getting in touch with them, I received a detailed email response to help, and now everything is sorted!

Bell Stylish Fashion

I use this app to promote my business. This app helps me get in touch with my friends and customers.

Mack's Merch

I am happy that my Shopify and IG work, I figured out how to tag my products with each photo. I see that some followers click on these photos tagged to my products on shop. Thanks!

ThisBlueBird - Modern Vintage

First... We've been using this channel since it was launched and we definitely get sales from Instagram, actually more from IG than from Facebook or Pinterest. 95% of the time we have had no issues. Within 10 min or so after adding a new product, it is available to tag on IG. If we had one request, it would be for IG to make it easier to search for the item when tagging on the IG App, but that has nothing to do with this channel or Shopify.

Second.... All of the issues that people complain about in these reviews are actually Facebook problems. Yes, that's right, Facebook, not Shopify. The only thing this app does is automatically feed your product data for you so you don't have to do it the hard way by uploading CSV files to Facebook Business Manager. If your products are being rejected by FB, it's not because of an issue with this Shopify app. FB owns Instagram so anything advertised on IG is subject to FB advertising rules, and the FB automated system for reviewing products and flagging violations is kind of a mess.

At first you could report the violations for review and they would get fixed within a couple days. Then FB turned off the ability to report through the app for a while. (BTW, all the info you see on the FB and IG channel screens through the Shopify dashboard is supplied and controlled by FB and they change it whenever they want.). During the reporting blackout phase we resorted to contacting them through the Biz Support page on FB, and got a chat session with someone who escalated the wrong violation flags and he got them fixed. Not gonna lie, it took weeks of pestering FB through all available contact methods and a few chat sessions, but it was eventually fixed. Then about 8 months later it started happening again, but only for a few products, and by then they had turned on the request review feature again. Although, we still had to open a new chat to get it fixed. Even the FB support people have acknowledged that the automated system is the issue and things are often mis-categorized. This isn't really surprising considering the volume of products it has to review and potentially reject.

The point is, if you are having trouble getting your products approved, as long as they are not legitimately violating the FB ad policy (which is outlined here:, start by contacting FB Business support. Go to this page, scroll down, click the Get Started button next to contact support. . You will have to have a legit FB biz page for your business, and you'll probably be asked to prove you are the owner/admin of the biz. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get someone to help you because some of the groups will say they don't support "tagging" issues. You have to get to the right area of FB biz support.

Also, here's another trick we learned the hard way. If you ever have an issue where new products are not feeding to FB/IG and it's been a day or so, contact Shopify first and ask them to refresh the feed, it will usually start the flow again. Do not disconnect the FB channel and reconnect it. That means FB will have to review all of your products over again and that takes a long time.


We've been super happy with the results of using instagram and this app to make sales. Its worked much better than anticipated.

United Bracelets

Not sure why there are so many negative reviews. Great little app for us that does exactly as intended :)


I do use the app respectively the sales channel over instagram sometimes. It has proven to be a very good tool to direct traffic to my page. It helps people decide about a product before even going to the website and thus conversion is much better.
The instagram connection was actually the reason i started shopify ;)

The One Stop Hippie Shop

Soooo, I started my business when I was 17, it’s been 7 months and I’m now 18, and I’m making consistent sales off of only Instagram You can do it! Dm me for tips if you need them! Joshway731


I really like the concept and I believe this partnership between shopify and instagram is very beneficial for both business owners and customers.
The only downside was the accepetence process; it was kinda confusing and I was rejected within seconds even though I had everything set up as required. I was, a couple of days later, accepted by total surprise (and I did nothing different than before getting rejected). However, I believe this was an error that happened during tests.