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Instagram channel

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Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts & stories.

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Lawsonsp Com

I have the required Shopify plan. My Facebook has a business page. I have had Shopify linked to Facebook for several months, and have even had purchases through Facebook. Facebook and Instagram are connected properly, but still got rejected from Instagram Sales Channel with no particular reason why. When I search how to appeal the choice, there is no course of action mentioned.

Only One Life Creations

I'm yet another very disappointed user who got rejected by Instagram for no apparent reason. I can't help but think that this app wasn't ready for prime-time and is causing our shops to get rejected. And yes, my store, Facebook, and Instagram were all set up precisely as others have described in order for it to work right. So frustrating that we're missing out on a great sales channel because...well...nobody knows why!

Manta Fitness

Also rating 1 star because there's no 0 choice. Have been waiting the reviewing for the last 2 days, and unfortunately was declined, stating that business is not eligible. The worst there's no way to contact anyone about the decisions. I read all requirements and I do respect all of them. If someone can get back to me and explain, and make it works, i would appreciate it. thanks

a week later, I<ve been reading all comments and no one from that app answered. woow what a consideration!!!!


Getting the messae - "Your store isn’t eligible for Instagram product tagging
View Instagram’s commerce policy to learn why your store isn’t currently eligible." This despite spending thousands on instagram adverts each month, so it doesnt make sense. Cant contest the judgement. Very frustrating. Stopping us doing things as a business as to be able to sell on instagram would be really useful.

To add to the frustration- the problem may be due to being eager and signing up on the first day when it wasn't working properly due to an issue with facebook.

Will happily change this to a 5 star review if someone can get this working.

Sausage And The Dog

Was declined but no idea why as I meet all requirements.

I have a FB shop linked to my Shopify. I have a business IG.
I've uninstalled, reinstalled, updated, reverted to previous versions, removed all linked accounts, re-added them, removed personal accounts even though they weren't linked to Sausage and The Dog. Arghhhhh

No way to appeal even though FB says you can.
No answers anywhere as to how to appeal or why I was specifically declined.
Wouldn't give any stars!!

Graphique Design

This could have been such an amazing app, but its complicated set-up was such a negative that I was so annoyed that my store was declined after I'd finally done everything right. Instagram has failed to tell me why my store was declined even though my Instagram page is doing really well and drives a lot of traffic to my store. What a waste of time. Not happy.


if you are still having trouble, follow these steps and it should work!

first and foremost, every single problem you guys were having, I had them all SO these steps should fix your problem.

1. Make sure your facebook shop gets approved! if it hasn't yet, be patient and let facebook review your shop and ultimately approve it. This step is important!

2. after facebook approves your store, and is up in running on shopify follow the next steps!

2.Make sure your facebook account is connected to your instagram. This is the main reason why my instagram shop kept saying that "I need a business account in order to tag products". i went on instagram and under settings i clicked on linked accounts. My instagram was connected to my personal account instead of my business account. The way i fixed this was first: sign out of my personal account and signed into my business account on my facebook app (ON MY PHONE) Second: I went on instagram and switched back to a personal account. Third: I switched back to a business account on instagram and in the process chose my business (Facebook) account to link with. After this headache, I went back on shopify and re-installed the instagram app.

3. After this confusing process, my instagram is finally under review. MAKE sure to change your business settings and facebook settings on the instagram app NOT on Facebook.

I gave this app a 3 star rating because it should give you clear instruction on how to fix these problems that you encounter. I hope this helps!


this app does not work. it shows me that my insta profile is not a business profile, but it is.

The Neon Sign Company

good app , love it , drives a lot of traffic to site

Atc Clothing

I was originally approved then it was reversed when given where to find out why i found that i meet all of the guidelines. In the section to appeal it gives absolutely no information on how.