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Instagram channel

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Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts & stories.

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Adam Grey

Denied like many others. App seems to be randomly picking people to deny and Instagram doesn't seem to care -- there's no appeal process or way to contact Instagram.


I got disapproved with NO REASON and I can do nothing! No help from Shopify, no help from Instagram.

Fatally Feminine Designs

Something needs to be fixed with this app. I also received a denial by instagram like many others here for violation of their TOS which is blatantly untrue. I scoured the TOS for any possible problems (I sell jewelry) and couldn't find one single thing that was even close to being a problem. This app was not ready for rollout. If you get denied neither shopify nor instagram will help you. It's been over 2 weeks and have not heard back from instagram after I requested help. Fix this issue or make this app unavailable.

Student Planning

Have been waiting 2 weeks now for instagram to "verify" my account.....

Straight Outta Russia

Been selling on Facebook and Shopify for years. Facebook sales channel works Instagram gave denial for no reason/ no way to contact/ all TOS on our shop are 100% compliant >>> this app is broken and needs to be removed from the market place and stop frustrating all the shop owners trying to implement it.

Elana Carello Sweaters

So incredibly frustrating. This was NOT ready to roll out, and Shopify will frustrate you to hell and back with their useless 'support'. Basically it's saying that it's not their problem and to get help from Instagram. Instagram famously NEVER answers a help request. I was reject for violating terms of usage which is ridiculous. I'm switching to BigCommerce. My faith in shopify is gone. Update: Tried the advice below about disconnecting and connecting again with 'ecommerce' as your fb store description. Did not work. As a matter of face, fb flagged FOUR of my sweaters. Completely insane.

Wicked Flame Candle

Frustrated with this! Annoyed with Shopify and their lack of support. If you offer a service, add-on, etc., help your customers solve issues instead of saying oh well contact Facebook. I too have the required Shopify plan. My Facebook has a business page. I have had Shopify linked to Facebook for years, and have had purchases through Facebook. Facebook and Instagram are connected properly, but still got rejected from Instagram Sales Channel with no reason why. When I search how to appeal the choice, there's a link that takes you to absolutely no where. Meanwhile, I see similar shops and products up and running.

1 Shot Gear

Useless app with no appeal process. Following the instructions won't help you.

In Fiore

I agree with other "worthless" reviews. They will not approve us even though we are approved on Facebook. We have nearly 10k followers. There is no way to appeal or contact ANYONE. I spent tons of wasted time on this. Unbelievably frustrating.

Bud Country

Worthless. Will not approve, cannot appeal. Facebook Shop has been linked and set up for MONTHS now. Instagram has over 5500 followers and has also been a business account since the beginning. The only items being advertised on FB Shop is candy and tshirts. What a joke.